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Naber delivers highly efficient exhaust air solution for passive houses

At the area30 fair, Naber, the specialist for kitchen accessories, presented, among other things, the new passive house-certified wall conduct COMPAIR® BIXO for extractor hoods with exhaust air ducting. Thanks to its novel closure mechanism, the component certified by the Passive House Institute meets the highest energy efficiency requirements.

The core of the wall conduct, developed together with Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek of the University of Stuttgart, is the TwisterTec closure system. A small electric motor twists a wear-resistant textile membrane almost silently like a bag. When closed, the outlet is thus not only hermetically sealed, but three insulating air chambers are formed. The U-value is uniquely low at 0.8 W/(m²K), as little as a triple-glazed window. The Passive House Institute has certified BIXO as a component suitable for passive houses. Since no flaps are used, there are no disturbing noises even with wind pressure. And on top of it all, COMPAIR® BIXO is Blower Door certified.

Exhaust air controls supply air fully automatically

The electronics integrated into the device register the exhaust air flow of the extractor hood and open the outlet fully even at low volume flow rates. This means high efficiency even at low and medium power levels. The outflowing air passes through the smooth high-tech textile membrane almost entirely unhampered. A cable connection to the extractor is not necessary. This makes it easy to mount and offers a range of installation options. Only a 230 V connection is required.

To counteract negative pressure situations in buildings with an almost airtight envelope, a control unit integrated in the exhaust air unit communicates wirelessly with up to three independently positionable BIXO Balance® supply air wall conducts. "This also makes the convenient and efficient exhaust air ducting of the cooking vapours possible in passive houses, high-quality efficiency houses 40 and 40plus", says Naber’s development manager Dr.-Ing. Alfred Bruns. "In this way, cooking odours are neutralised better and moisture completely removed. Things that circulating air doesn’t do as well", says Bruns. What’s more, an extractor hood in exhaust air operation is quieter and more efficient, so an equally good result is achieved with lower volume flow rates.

With a diameter of 150 mm, COMPAIR® BIXO and BIXO Balance® are compatible with the COMPAIR® flow duct systems in plastic and COMPAIR STEEL flow® in steel.

COMPAIR® BIXO on video

On its website, Naber presents BIXO and BIXO Balance® in moving pictures:

Valuable tips on the layout and installation of extractor systems are provided by an independent study conducted by three independent institutes. The abridged version is available free of charge at

The system will be available from the beginning of 2020.

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Naber delivers highly efficient exhaust air solution for passive houses – 10.10.2019

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BIXO Balance® air supply and exhaust wall conduct

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