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The career of a medium-sized innovation leader

Once again, Naber is one of Germany’s innovation leaders in 2020, as the new edition of the innovation leadership study commissioned by the F.A.Z. Institute confirms. For the first time in 2019, patents were used to analyse which companies achieved outstanding performance in the global innovation competition. Naber’s path to the forefront of inspiring trendsetters is shaped by the enterprising spirit of an entrepreneurial family which is open to new ideas with all its senses, thinks concepts through, allows them to mature, and encourages employees to experiment.

What the market for kitchen ventilation technology had to offer in the 1970s seemed to Ingrid and Hans-Joachim Naber incomplete and capable of improvement. Even before they took over the management of Hermann Naber’s wholesale company and geared it towards full-range kitchen accessories, the in-house development laboratory was launched. Today’s market leadership in kitchen ventilation technology began in the mid-1970s with the development of the air duct system "COMPAIR® norm" for extractor hoods. Step by step, components and further air duct systems for household kitchens steadily followed, forming a comprehensive and internationally esteemed product family under the COMPAIR® brand names.

Cooperation with scientists and designers

Legal requirements such as the Energy Saving Ordinance for Buildings as well as the wishes of the appliance industry and kitchen users fuel Naber’s pioneering spirit. The innovations in ventilation technology that have received particular acclaim include the energy-efficient wall conduct "flow Star GTS" in 2008, the "THERMOBOX" in 2015, the non-combustible metal air duct system COMPAIR STEEL flow® two years later and the exhaust and supply air technology COMPAIR® BIXO for efficiency and passive houses in 2019.

Naber cooperates with researchers and scientific institutes in Germany, has the new developments extensively tested and is a dedicated technology partner for studies. The company makes its specialist knowledge in the field of healthy indoor air for cooking freely available to kitchen planners, consumers and the construction industry: the kitchen ventilation technology website was launched in the summer of 2018 with pictures, videos, texts and overviews.

In 2003, in the form of Lasse Naber, the third generation joined the management. The company is expanding, and thus intensifying its proximity to its market partners. The innovations are aimed at far more areas than healthy indoor air in living kitchens. Since specialising in kitchen accessories, faucets and sinks, installation materials, technical systems for controlling LED lighting scenarios and space-saving waste separation and storage systems have also been developed. As with the waste collectors, excellent designers are also involved in the design of the multifunctional furniture series "Concept Kitchen" from the label n by Naber. Many of the products developed in-house have won prestigious design awards.

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The career of a medium-sized innovation leader – 12.06.2020

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