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The building trade has a keen eye on extractors

Kitchen ventilation technology holds a special position among the wide variety of kitchen accessories as its planning is often dependent on the type of building the kitchen is in. The response to the study on extractors in open-plan kitchen-living rooms which the Passive House Institute has compiled and published together with two other institutes and Naber, is correspondingly great. The results of the study are discussed at passive house conferences as well as in specialist journals of the building trade such as "Bauphysik" and "Gebäude-Energieberater".

If kitchen users want an exhaust air system to remove cooking fumes from the room, a wall penetration is required. Especially in passive houses, this has to be designed using innovative technologies in such a way that it hardly affects the heating requirement. If a circulating air system is to be implemented, this needs highly effective filter technology in order to achieve a similarly effective odour reduction during cooking as with exhaust air.

Naber offers sound background knowledge for the planning of a powerful and energy-efficient kitchen ventilation system in its "Guide to extractor systems for kitchens", which presents the results of the much-acclaimed research report. The publication is available as a printed brochure and can be downloaded from the ventilation technology website

A video clip on the same information portal illustrates the most important findings. At, Naber has set up special sections for kitchen planners, architects, craftsmen and consumers with content that meets the respective information needs and is constantly expanded with updated specialist knowledge.

Fully capture vapours

Among other things, the guide shows how well the individual types of extractor hoods capture cooking fumes (vapours) and provides information on the volume flows required for complete capture. Wall-mounted hoods have proven to be more advantageous here than hob extraction systems. The recommendations explicitly address the specific requirements of energy-efficient buildings. Here, both recirculating and exhaust air systems are possible, whereby the latter require slightly more planning work, because the supply air flow also has to be provided for.

Naber’s latest product developments, including the exhaust air and supply air control BIXO Balance®, the COMPAIR flow Turbo® wall conduct and the air outlet technology COMPAIR® Tower which guides the exhaust air out under the turf, incorporate the latest scientific findings as well as the know-how generated through decades of business practice. Naber’s own research and development in kitchen ventilation technology and the cooperation with scientific institutes will continue to produce innovations in the future which further increase the energy efficiency of the systems as well as the comfort and convenience in kitchen-living areas.

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The building trade has a keen eye on extractors – 09.04.2020

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