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"Let's be smart" special exhibition imm cologne 2020
Smart technology for the kitchen as a place to indulge

According to a recent study by Koelnmesse, the organiser of the imm cologne, many consumers expect smart home technologies to provide more security and the chance to save energy. As the kitchen accessories specialist demonstrated at the "Let's be smart" special exhibition at the international furnishings fair in Cologne from 13 to 19 January, these expectations are met by kitchen ventilation technology from Naber. The in-house developments presented combine maximum energy efficiency with outstanding culinary enjoyment.

Extremely stable, non-combustible and with the lowest possible pressure losses in the air ducting - the outstanding properties of the COMPAIR STEEL flow® air ducts met with great interest among trade visitors and end consumers in the Smart Home and in the Smart Loft of the special exhibition. In the Smart Home, the round metal ducts laid visibly under the ceiling connected a wall-hung extractor hood with the exhaust air wall conduct COMPAIR® BIXO. With this innovation, certified as a passive house component, convenient exhaust air systems can also be realised in high-quality efficiency houses.

The airtight textile membrane of the COMPAIR® BIXO is twisted by an electric motor, so the wall conduct is hermetically sealed. The electronic system fully opens the duct as soon as the exhaust air flow of the extractor is registered. And because exhaust air always needs supply air, the control unit sends a signal to up to three BIXO Balance® supply air wall conducts, which also contain the hermetically sealed TwisterTec closure system and open automatically. The Professor of Architecture Dr. Werner Sobek, one of the initiators of the German Sustainable Building Council, was involved in the development of this innovative wall conduct technology.

Sink combination with swivelling faucet

In the Smart Loft of the "Let's be smart" area, an impressive alternative to wall conduct technology was presented. The COMPAIR® Tower. This air outlet technology, which can be positioned on the house wall or freely in the garden, is offered by Naber as an exhaust air solution for downdraft extractors when the tapping drill hole is not located above the ground as usual, but below it. In this case, the COMPAIR STEEL flow® flat ducts are laid in the floor structure or under the basement ceiling – starting, for example, from the downdraft extractor within a free-standing kitchen island. Particularly advantageous: short distances in the exhaust air ducting save resources and costs.

In the Smart Loft at the imm cologne, the built-in sink innovation Corno Turno from the NABER-CONTURA® range fitted perfectly into the space-saving solutions aimed at creating an urban living environment oriented towards culinary enjoyment. Developed as a sink combination with a swivelling window faucet, this elegant single-bowl model made of high-quality stainless steel is also suitable for the kitchen island scenario. Because when the faucet is tilted so far that it disappears completely into the sink, it provides a clear view of the room behind. Covered with the matching chopping board, the built-in sink transforms into additional work surface, while the faucet can still be used. A smart concept that offers a great deal of flexibility in small kitchens. Amidst the wide range of user-oriented technologies, the furnishings fair once again demonstrated how much importance consumers attach to the kitchen as a place to work, indulge and enjoy life.

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Smart technology for the kitchen as a place to indulge – 28.01.2020

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Let's be smart imm Cologne 2020
Let's be smart imm Cologne 2020
Let's be smart imm Cologne 2020
Let's be smart imm Cologne 2020
Let's be smart imm Cologne 2020
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