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Trade fairs promote market dynamics

In numerous professional discussions during the area30 trade fair days, there was true joy of reunion at the Naber stand in Löhne. The full-range kitchen accessories supplier managed to maintain good relations with industry representatives during the long period without contact due to the pandemic. It is the personal exchange with customers, partners and other industry experts that gives innovation-oriented companies like Naber valuable stimulus for the development of new and the further development of existing products and solutions.

The number of visitors clearly exceeded expectations – at the same time, we were on safe ground. Like the trade fair organiser for the area30 as a whole, Naber had also set a maximum number of visitors for its trade fair stand. The product information was available in digital form only – which was also part of the hygiene and safety concept: by scanning the QR code, trade visitors were taken to the area30 topics overview at where they were able to download the brochures directly and request them as print copies.

Making optimum use of space in the kitchen

From the expert discussions, the top five of the Küchenherbst 2021 can be identified: firstly, the Naber trio: the all-round open view of stable containers for waste separation which are positioned under the sink along with the faucet and water connection accessories made the advantages of comprehensive planning visible to the trade fair audience. Only the coordinated trio of sink, faucet and waste collectors makes for the best possible use of the space in this highly utilised kitchen preparation zone. Above the containers for waste disposal, it even offers a drawer level for storage.

In the ranks two to five, the SELECTAkit® waste collectors from Naber once again take their place as a separate topic between lighting and ventilation technology and before interiors. Above all, the technical systems with which it is possible to realise individual lighting and effective kitchen ventilation concepts are intensively examined and discussed at trade fairs. Here, as with sinks, faucets and installation materials, the very informative modules from the Naber Live Tour were used, which can be started digitally at any time in the website section "News".

Stylish solutions for kitchen and home office

Trade fair stands rarely give the impression of tasteful homeliness. However, this is exactly what the flexibly combinable shelving systems and niche furnishing highlights achieved at the Naber stand. Impressive thanks to their straightforward and reduced aesthetics, the shelving elements gave structure to the interior shown and also defined an office workspace within the home. An exemplary demonstration of how extremely stylish high-quality kitchen accessories also provide for domestic comfort outside of the kitchen.

The harmonious overall picture of the Naber trade fair presence in the pandemic year 2021, which was transformed by a reception desk and a large meeting area, included the colourful lettering "Hello again". The different styles of lettering reflected the long-awaited liveliness of this sector event and the Naber team's anticipation of further live events.

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Trade fairs promote market dynamics – 29.09.2021

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New Naber catalogues from april 2023

The new Naber catalogue is due to be published on 01.04.2023 - look forward to a host of newcomers! Until the end of March, the 2022 catalogue is still valid as the current price list. The requested print folders 23/24 will be sent out from the middle of March.