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Relax and enjoy in clean indoor air

With pandemic-related lockdowns and contact restrictions, the kitchen as a whole is continuing to evolve. More than ever, it is the heart of the home. If people work more from home, they also cook more at home. New dishes are tried out and people take time to eat together with the family and in smaller groups.

This is reflected, among other things, in the design, materials and furnishings – and the functionality of kitchens is growing in importance. Cooking at home and in company is especially carefree and enjoyable if, at the same time, a healthy and pleasant indoor climate is ensured – by means of a well-coordinated kitchen ventilation system.

If the cooker hood and air ducts are designed as an exhaust air system, not only odours, grease, moisture and fine dust are conveyed outside, but also aerosols carrying viruses. An intelligent supply and exhaust air system ensures a good exchange of air and significantly reduces the contamination of the room air.

Energy efficient and effective

Kitchen ventilation technology from Naber includes flow-optimised air ducts made of plastic and metal, energy-efficient wall conducts, intelligent control technology for supply and exhaust air, and external wall blinds. Scientific studies from Germany and abroad and publications by the construction industry prove the effectiveness and efficiency of exhaust air solutions, for example when it comes to reducing fine dust pollution indoors. Exhaust air systems are also recommended for low-energy buildings such as passive houses.

The innovative wall duct COMPAIR® BIXO Balance® controls the supply and exhaust air circulation in all buildings, including airtight buildings. The integrated electronics register the exhaust air flow of the extractor hood and open the highly insulated outlet. The supply air wall conduct is controlled by means of a radio signal, which automatically provides for the simultaneous inflow of fresh air. The Naber classic THERMOBOX is also designed to keep the warmth inside when the extractor hood is not in use, while it effectively conducts the exhaust air to the outside when in operation.

Naber systems are compatible with almost all cooker hoods available on the market and offer several options for installation. The air ducts can be installed invisibly in ceilings and cabinets or as visible room elements. You can read important study results as well as application examples and installation tips at

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Relax and enjoy in clean indoor air – 20.01.2022

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COMPAIR® BIXO exhaust air wall conduct
COMPAIR® BIXO exhaust air wall conduct
COMPAIR® BIXO Balance® set
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COMPAIR® flow Turbo
COMPAIR® exhaust air
COMPAIR® exhaust air

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