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Preview küchenwohntrends Salzburg 2023
Install ventilation technology at the exhibition stand

Naber combines innovative thinking in kitchen accessories with the aim of simplifying everyday kitchen life. Product developments that impressively demonstrate this will be presented by Naber at the küchenwohntrends Salzburg from 3 to 5 May 2023. For the first time, the kitchen accessories specialist is setting up a do-it-yourself area at its trade fair stand D 51 in Hall 10. Trade visitors can have a go at installing the new COMPAIR PRIME flow® air duct system and see for themselves how surprisingly easy it is to install.

Maximum efficiency in ventilation technology

Practice makes perfect: until you've plugged the flexible universal connector of the COMPAIR PRIME flow® system into an air duct or pipe bend yourself and heard it click into place, it's hard to imagine installing the system without tools, silicone or adhesive tape. The permanently elastic 2-lip seal of the universal connector guarantees the airtight fit of the system components, which no longer have to be positioned in rigid straight lines or in 90-degree curves. With each part connected, directional changes of up to 15 degrees are possible.

Naber has also significantly improved the wall conduct installation and the air flow. COMPAIR PRIME flow® is equally suitable for exhaust air and recirculating air systems and is compatible with all standard cooker hoods and hob extractors. The product innovation proves to be a quantum leap in ventilation technology that radically simplifies kitchen planning.

Sophisticated arrangements under the sink

In Salzburg, among other things, Naber will be presenting the highlights Cox® Base Q and Cox Stand-UP® from the constantly growing SELECTAkit® waste collector range. If you want fizzy or boiling water to flow directly from the tap, as with Quooker faucets, the water tanks are positioned in the kitchen sink base cabinet. A combination solution for waste collectors and water tanks is provided by Cox® Base Q for the 600-millimetre-wide furniture body.

The container system with soft retraction and damping integrates a stable frame for the Quooker Cube cold water and the Pro3 boiling water tank. With Cox® Base Q, the hoses and cables of the faucet and the water connection are also neatly stowed. You can respond flexibly to the respective installation situation.

Cox Stand-UP® was developed for existing pull-outs with fronts of different heights and is extremely adaptable. It includes three container heights for various cabinet widths and depths and also takes the different frame heights of the furniture manufacturers into account. Up to four high-quality containers can be hooked into the floor-mounted frame and securely positioned.

Attractive and flexible: the NABER TRIO

With the NABER TRIO, the sink, faucet and waste collector can be perfectly coordinated and provide for an unhindered workflow at the heart of the kitchen. The comprehensive planning also serves to optimise the organisation of storage space in the base unit. The NABER TRIO combines individual solutions in outstanding quality to produce convincing functional ensembles with imaginative sink and faucet design.

The pioneering built-in sink concepts are designed so flexibly that some of them increase the level of convenience in kitchens with a small floor area without themselves taking up a lot of space. For example, the attractively proportioned ceramic model PickUP focuses on sustainability, as small amounts of hand washing only require a little water thanks to the innovative step design. The NABER-CONTURA® range of built-in sinks also includes easy-care models in the material classes stainless steel and composite, which combine functional convenience with stylish aesthetics.

Inviting and durable: the interior

Cooking, dining, living – the motto of the küchenwohntrends and möbel austria in Salzburg exactly reflects the ambitions of the TABLON® interior range. Chairs, stools, benches and tables provide comfort for quick snacks and leisurely meals. Naber offers a wide range of upholstery colours for both fabrics and leather and imitation leather. Thanks to the outstanding quality of materials and workmanship, TABLON® furniture is built to last. The seating comfort of some of the models can be practically tested at the Naber stand D 51 in Hall 10.

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Preview küchenwohntrends Salzburg 2023 – 09.03.2023

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COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-MRBS 150 wall conduct construction set
COMPAIR PRIME flow® system build
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector with flexible compensator
SELECTAkit® Cox Stand-UP® 350 S/600-3
SELECTAkit® Cox Stand-UP® 280 S/600-3 with bio lid
SELECTAkit® Cox® Base Q 360 S/400-1
SELECTAkit® Cox® Base 360 S/600-3 with Cox Base-Board® and Cox Work®
NABER-CONTURA® Angola 56 with ARMATE® LINEA Gramix 1
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