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Preview area30 2022
Premiere for an air duct system that is a cut above the rest

There is always ample material for discussion at trade fairs. During the area30 from 17 to 22 September, the kitchen accessories specialist Naber is expecting a particularly intensive professional dialogue. At Stand H 21 in Löhne, the company will be presenting a new air duct system which is about to be launched on the market at home and abroad. Alongside numerous product highlights, innovations will also be presented in the waste collector segment.

Making flow-optimised air duct technology even better requires several years of intensive development work based on the latest scientific findings. The result is a first-rate innovative COMPAIR® air duct system which Naber will be presenting for the first time at a trade fair in Löhne. Like other COMPAIR® systems, it is comprehensively designed for exhaust air and recirculating air solutions.

The new air duct system provides even more flexibility when planning the best possible kitchen ventilation system for the specific requirements. For the operation of extractor systems, the following applies: with the new development from Naber, the air delivery rate can be maximised, because the innovative system goes one step further when it comes to performance, efficiency and air volume and defines the optimum that is now technically possible.

Waste collector next to the boiling water reservoir

The high quality standard of the SELECTAkit® waste collector range was previously plannable and realisable as a front pull-out system with Cox® Base containers and, with existing pull-outs, as a Cox® Box solution. The product innovation Cox Stand-UP® also makes it possible to integrate the durable Cox® Box containers, positioned in a stable metal frame, into existing pull-outs of the sink base unit with fronts of different heights. For this, Naber has developed a floor-mounted frame system for various cabinet widths, which also takes the different frame and front heights of the manufacturers into account with several container heights. The Cox® Box containers can be hooked in and combined in accordance with the customer's wishes. In the 600-millimetre-wide furniture body, for example, up to three containers hold a total of 42 litres of recyclable materials, organic waste and residual waste for disposal or recycling.

The second new product, Cox® Base Q, provides the Cox® Base system with a platform for accommodating a Quooker PRO3 water reservoir for special faucets. The hose routing for the hot water or cold water reservoir is integrated in a space-saving way. A 600-mm-wide furniture body can accommodate a Cox® Base combination for the 400 mm wide base unit next to the reservoir platform.

Additional LED fittings for scenic lighting

Light is playing an increasingly important role in kitchen planning as a source of homeliness and atmosphere. Creative lighting concepts have made their way into the private surroundings of many people – not just in the kitchen but also in the home office and other living areas. Switching from stimulating lighting to relaxation mode, for example, is smartly achieved with the LUMICA® LIC LED system from Naber. A variety of decentrally positioned LED lights can be switched on and off simultaneously at the touch of a button or by voice command because they are integrated into specially defined lighting scenarios via wirelessly networked function converters.

Naber has significantly expanded the range of LED fittings that can be integrated into the system. These include several lights already known from the LUMICA® range, some with additional body colours. At the same time, the range of LED lights includes contemporary newcomers such as the flat, powerful ceiling light Plafoniera with high-power colour-changing LED for ceiling installation above kitchen islands.

The trio at the heart of the kitchen

The best possible use of the storage space under the sink through clever arrangement of the containers is ideally embedded in the comprehensive planning of the sink, faucet and waste collectors. In this active centre of the kitchen, the excellent quality and functionality of the accessories are particularly important. The Naber Trio models presented at area30 emphasise highly flexible built-in sink concepts in three material classes with faucets that are harmoniously coordinated with the design. Underneath, directly above the waste separation containers, various storage boxes are accommodated - Naber has equipped these container systems too with smooth-running pull-out technology with a soft-closing mechanism. A new brochure explains the product features and the added convenience for kitchen users in detail.

Interior and bathroom accessories at the area30

In addition to attractive faucets, the trade fair visitors will find comfortable chairs from the interior programme. There are also new additions to other accessory ranges, including the socket collection. The already familiar functional solutions for the most varied requirements and situations are joined by a new type of kink and shear-proof cable routing for safe electrification of drawers and connection of built-in electrical devices. The connection box directly in the drawer enables the connection of electrical devices as well as the convenient charging of mobile end devices.

Alongside the kitchen, the bathroom also benefits enormously from accessories in everyday domestic life. Sometimes you are in a hurry, and every action has to be spot on, but there are also times when the atmosphere is relaxed, with harmonious shapes and colours, and perfectly coordinated lighting. Naber's range of bathroom accessories includes both flexible and effective shelving systems, intelligently designed organisation systems for drawers and cupboards and practical installation material. Stylish ceramic top-mounted washbasins and attractive bathroom faucets give the bathroom a contemporary feel.

Press material

Premiere for an air duct system that is a cut above the rest – 04.08.2022

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COMPAIR® New development - stylised illustration
ARMATE® LINEA Umore 1, chrome
ARMATE® LINEA Umore 2, matt black
ARMATE® LINEA Arco 5, matt black
ARMATE® LINEA Arco 5, matt black
SELECTAkit® Cox® Base Q 360 S/400-1, anthracite
SELECTAkit® Cox® Base Q 360 S/400-2, anthracite
SELECTAkit® Cox Stand-UP® 280 S/800-4, with bio lid, anthracite
ARMATE® LINEA Glam Leva bathroom, matt black
ARMATE® LINEA Glam Leva bathroom, matt black
LUMICA® Plafoniera, colour change LED, matt black
LUMICA® Forato LED, matt black
TABLON® Tina K, frame black, cover black
TABLON® Vive WS, frame black, cover brown
TABLON® Rica K, frame black, cover light grey
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