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Our ventilation technology know-how unlocked for you

Anyone concerned with kitchen ventilation technology, either professionally or privately, will find valuable background information and many practical tips on our new service portal www.compair-flow.com. For kitchen planners, architects, craftspeople and consumers, we have designed clear topic pages that are tailored to their specific information needs – including illustrations, tables and videos.

Just how important a powerful kitchen ventilation system is, is always clear when cooking and frying fumes pollute the air, when damp and grease contaminate the surfaces of the furnishings, or even mould forms in some corners of the room. But which system is best suited - exhaust air or circulating air? Our ventilation technology experts explain the advantages and disadvantages of both systems and illustrate why they generally prefer exhaust air solutions. At the same time, they explain effective alternatives in the form of circulating air solutions.

It is not only relevant for private kitchen users to know what types of cooker hoods are currently on the market. Professionals also benefit from the overview pages, especially when advising customers. The same applies to the question of where in the kitchen the function zone cooking & baking should be positioned. We show different floor plans with ideal distribution of the five zones.

With the numerous tips on www.compair-flow.com kitchen planners can confidently manage the coordination with customers and trade partners. We support architects, for example, with references to a coordinated concept for exhaust air ducting and ventilation of the living area. And craftsmen will find practical recommendations for the perfect assembly of, for example, ventilation ducts and wall conducts.

Naber COMPAIR® ventilation technology has already received numerous design awards. In the patented systems COMPAIR® flow and COMPAIR® bion, the air flows energy-efficiently and extremely quietly. The same applies to COMPAIR STEEL flow®, the system made of galvanized sheet steel, which, due to its exceptional stability, enables new, very exciting installation variants, for example by laying in floor structures.

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Notice of 03.04.2020

Despite the current situation, we are available for you as usual. A high availability of goods is ensured thanks to our extensive logistics center. As before, orders are processed and dispatched at short notice.

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