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On the track of innovations: the newcomers to the Naber range

The newcomers, with which the kitchen accessories specialist Naber has again extended its range, provide new stylish options for kitchen and bathroom planning. The specially developed or selected products enhance spatial concepts and their novel functions greatly simplify daily routines in the kitchen and dining area. Naber's inventive spirit is also reflected in more complex innovations which enrich contemporary kitchen architecture worlds and generate meaningful trends.

In kitchen ventilation technology, Naber has developed an alternative to wall conduct technology for exhaust air systems. If the core drilling hole is below the turf, because the air duct is installed invisibly in the floor structure - starting from a free-standing cooking island with a downdraft extractor – the COMPAIR® Tower provides the air outlet. It can be mounted outside directly on the house wall or at a freely selectable place in the garden.

To ensure the consistently high filter performance of the GREENflow recirculating air system for hob extractors, the activated carbon filters have to be regularly cleaned and replaced. The COMPAIR Control® helps: the control unit, which is now integrated into the ventilation technology range, measures the filter load and emits an acoustic signal as soon as the recirculating air filter needs to be regenerated.

Two-level sinks

Fascinating newcomers can now be found in the NABER-CONTURA® range of above-counter basins and built-in sinks. The easy-care ceramic "PickUP" models are geared towards the growing awareness for resource-conserving washing up. Whether installed above-counter, flush, or in the purist elegant substructure variant – the smart sink concept with a second level in the sink impresses with its handling, material quality and degree of innovation.

In the stainless-steel segment, the "Corno Turno", a combination of minimalist single-bowl aesthetics and steplessly swivelling window faucets, guarantees high convenience of use and a great deal of flexibility. The sink is transformed into a work surface by a two-part cover, whereby the faucet can still be used in the middle position. The ideal solution for small kitchens in urban environments.

Light controlled by voice command

The extensions to the lighting technology and shelving systems are extremely diverse. The LUMICA® LIC LED system can be integrated into a smart home system in such a way that the desired lighting scenarios can be simply controlled by voice command. Various dimmable LED lamps for mounting from below and a pendant luminaire, whose light is funnelled to give discreet brightness above and intense light below, impress through superb design. Glass shelf lights with colour change function, illuminated shelves and the adaptable shelf systems – some with optional lighting – form lively features and create a new kind of homeliness in the kitchen and beyond.

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On the track of innovations: the newcomers to the Naber range – 24.09.2019

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