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New issue of Naber’s complete directory

Amidst the numerous offers of information on high-end living kitchen design, Naber’s kitchen accessories catalogues prove an unshakable source of inspiration. The three green reference works 1 BASICS, 2 TECH and 3 INTERIEUR have been re-issued and are now on their way to customers and partners in this hot off the press version 2021/22. From the beginning of December, they will be available for download on in digital form – for registered customers also with prices.

The elemental urge to withdraw into one’s own private sphere sharpens the awareness of many kitchen users for the functionality and aesthetics of their kitchen equipment. With a wealth of fresh ideas and everything that is always needed, the extended Naber ranges ensure that kitchen living worlds are transformed into effectively illuminated places of amenity and intelligent work organisation. The kitchen gains more appeal, it invites you to enjoy and relax.

The newcomers in the BASICS catalogue include LED lights that can be fitted in variable lengths or numbers under shelves and cupboards, inside cupboards, on the base or handle strip and integrated into the LIC LED system as colour-changing variants. The new variety of built-in sink innovations is also impressive: the award-winning product developments Corno Turno in the stainless steel segment and PickUP in the ceramic range are now supplemented by high-quality sink models which are new to the range and offer the right solution for every floor plan and every requirement.

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New issue of Naber’s complete directory – 18.11.2020

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