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New EU energy labels for lights from September

Valid until the end of February 2023

For light sources offered in European Union countries, the period for switching to new EU energy labels starts on 1 September this year. It ends on 28 February 2023. In contrast, household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers have already had to bear the modified label since 1 March 2021.

Suppliers such as Naber are granted an 18-month time frame by the legislator to equip the products concerned with the new, more informative energy label. This can be made available as a download on the website, as provided for in the legislation.

Taking these deadlines into account, Naber is currently working intensively on the implementation of the new specifications for the energy efficiency of its LUMICA® lighting technology products. The new energy labels will also gradually be made available on from September onwards - all you have to do is enter the product number in the digital service section “Energy label” on the Naber website for the download. The conversion will take place on schedule and the specialist trade will receive all the necessary information in good time.

Efficiency class A is reserved for future product developments

The new EU energy labels distinguish between efficiency classes A to G, which are based on a new scale. This means that the previous plus classes of level A are no longer applicable. Each product is assigned a new efficiency class. A is the category for the best possible energy efficiency, it is reserved for future product innovations, so no product currently on the market is assigned to this level, not even the latest low-consumption LED lights.

In addition to the efficiency class, the label for light sources also provides information on the energy consumption in kilowatt hours for 1,000 hours of use of the light. For the first time, the energy labels have a QR code. It takes consumers to the new EU product database with additional information on the respective product.

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