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Naber's innovative strength shapes the industry

The kitchen accessories specialist Naber is one of Germany’s innovation leaders, as a recently published study confirms. On behalf of the F.A.Z. Institute, a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the economic research company Prognos evaluated millions of patent applications filed by German companies worldwide within the last ten years based on the "Worldwide Patent Statistical Database" of the European Patent Office. In so doing, they not only looked at the number of patents, but also their influence on other inventions and how different they are from previous inventions.

Patents by Naber were cited with an above-average frequency and have had a significant impact on the respective knowledge and technology area. The product developments in the fields of kitchen ventilation technology, accessories and furniture are also considered particularly innovative. A third aspect of the study concerns the cooperation with German researchers and inventors. This too is a prerequisite for the innovation leadership of a company.

Award as incentive

"Making the inventive spirit of German companies the subject of a broad-based study deserves the utmost respect", says Managing Director Hans-Joachim Naber. "To be identified as an innovation leader is an incentive for us and our research and development teams to keep the domestic and foreign markets moving."

Far-sightedness, eagerness to experiment and the willingness to try things out are what, in the view of the Prognos boss Christian Böllhoff, characterise strongly innovative companies. The knowledge of employees and a corporate culture that promotes courage and decision-making are also among the characteristics of innovation leaders, as the strategy expert emphasised in an interview with the FAZ.

33,000 German companies were surveyed, of which 3,500 were identified as innovation leaders. Patents with the same content which were filed in patent offices in different countries were pooled together by the economic researchers into patent families. These were specifically assessed for technology and knowledge areas. Patents or patent families registered in several of these areas could thus be assessed several times over.

The special publication on the study is available online on the FAZ portal. Here, all 3,500 German companies classed as particularly innovative are listed. Furthermore, information is available on the methodology and evaluation of the study, along with statements from practice: https://www.faz.net/asv/deutschlands-innovationsfuehrer/.

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Naber's innovative strength shapes the industry – 27.06.2019

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