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NABER TRIO: ingenious down to the last detail

The sink in the active centre of the kitchen should form a visually convincing duo with the faucet and a functionally well-conceived trio with the faucet and waste collectors. If the components are carefully coordinated, user friendliness and time savings apply accross the entire workflow of preparing, washing, organising, tidying and disposing.

With imaginative solutions, the NABER TRIO provides exceptionally high-quality fittings that simplify daily kitchen routines and enable optimum organisation of the storage space in the sink base unit. The kitchen accessories specialist offers fascinating built-in sink design in the material classes stainless steel, ceramic and composite. The colour scheme can be chosen to suite the furnishing style. While composite sinks have subtle velvety colours, ceramic sinks are a striking white, grey and black. Examples of trendy colour schemes for stainless steel sinks are graphite and copper. The variety of faucets in Naber's ARMATE® range effortlessly harmonises with the wide range of colours.

Optimal use of space

The beauty and character of the sink-faucet duo are based on other design aspects. Expressive forms go hand in hand with contemporary functions that focus on sustainability. The Cold-Start technology in faucets, for example, helps to save energy, and the clever step design, such as in the PickUP ceramic sink series, reduces water consumption when washing just a few items. For increased freedom of action, space-saving single bowl models from the NABER-CONTURA® range can be extended using practical accessories to produce functional sink centres.

Separate waste disposal makes recycling possible and saves natural resources – a practice that is both ecologically necessary and self-evident. With the NABER TRIO, Naber is extending its sights in the direction of improved space utilisation. It takes the variety and flexibility of solid waste collector systems, as offered by the growing SELECTAkit® range, to realise the greatest possible container volumes for waste separation and utensil storage. High-quality pull-out technology is available for front pull-outs and swing doors. The systems can easily be fitted to existing pull-outs and frames. Water tanks for faucets such as the Quooker systems can also be accommodated safely and compactly within the framework of a Cox® system.

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NABER TRIO: ingenious down to the last detail – 13.04.2023

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ARMATE® Turno Solo with NABER-CONTURA® Corno Basso 5
NABER-CONTURA® Angola 56 with ARMATE® LINEA Gramix 1
SELECTAkit® Cox Base 360 S/600-2 with Base-Board®
Cox Stand-UP® with different container heights
Cox Stand-UP® with different container heights
SELECTAkit® Cox® Base Q 360 S/400-1
NABER-CONTURA® Angola 56 with ARMATE® LINEA Gramix 1
NABER-CONTURA® Angola 56, SELECTAkit® Cox Base 360 S/600-2
SELECTAkit® Cox Base 360 S/600-3 with Base-Board® and Cox Work®
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