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Naber once again a winner at the iF Design Awards

For the utensils box Cox Work®, which was put on the market last year, the kitchen specialist Naber has now been awarded the internationally renowned iF Design Award 2018. The product was developed together with the designer Kilian Schindler, who was above all responsible for the style and colour design.

Cox Work® is a system component of the Naber Cox® waste collection programme for kitchen cabinets with front pull-outs. It can accommodate, for example, brushes, cleaning agents, tabs and cloths. In addition, apart from its role in kitchen organisation, Cox Work® can also be used as a stand-alone solution: for example, as a utensils box in the office or garden, for toys or sewing utensils, for transporting bottles, or as a toolbox.

In addition to the accentuated shape and colour scheme – Cox Work® is available in four trend colours – above all the plausible product handling scored highly with the 63-strong jury of the iF Design Awards. Because the division system of the Cox Work® includes flexible partitions in U- and V-form and a small parts box that is attached over the handle. In this way, the countless items that are important for everyday life can be sensibly organised and stored in a way that is transportable.

The presentation of the utensils box Cox Work® with the iF Design Award should again strengthen the confidence that retailers and customers have in the quality and functionality of Naber products.

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Naber once again a winner at the iF Design Awards - 23.02.2018

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