Maximum efficiency. Maximum simplicity. Maximum sustainability.

Naber achieves the quantum leap: the specialist for kitchen accessories takes kitchen ventilation to a new level with COMPAIR PRIME flow®. The air duct system moves cooking fumes as efficiently as possible. At the same time, the new air duct system revolutionises the installation.

Huge time savings during installation

"We have taken the ventilation technology behind the extractor hood a great step further", Managing Director Lasse Naber enthuses. "Our development department examined every detail, questioned things, used the latest simulation software and solved decades-old problems in assembly". COMPAIR PRIME flow® is installed entirely without tools, sealant or adhesive tape and is nevertheless perfectly airtight. "We are delighted to present the industry with the very best in ventilation technology that is currently achievable", says Lasse Naber.

Nothing is more efficient than this

"You can't save more energy than this", says Dr.-Ing. Alfred Bruns, Head of the Development Department at Naber. What he means are the newly designed flat or round pipe bends and connectors of COMPAIR PRIME flow®. They have been trimmed for minimum air resistance and maximum efficiency using the latest 3D flow simulations. This is thanks to the bionically designed housing inspired by nature and the now curved and, depending on the radius, individually designed guide bodies in the bends. Together with turbulators, small ridges similar to those on an aeroplane wing, they guide even large volumes of air smoothly around the corner without stalling. The result is significantly better air delivery rates even at low fan speeds, considerably less noise development and significantly lower power consumption of the extractor system. Last but not least, COMPAIR PRIME flow® is equipped for the future efficiency and air tightness requirements in building services engineering.

Push, click, done

The heart of the system is the new universal connector. It connects moulded parts and pipe sections simply by plugging them together. The flexible 2-lip seal ensures an airtight fit, and click-in elements firmly hold the parts together. The click is the audible confirmation that everything fits tightly. This means components can be rapidly installed. The conventional tedious sealing of the connection points with adhesive tape is no longer required and difficult installation situations can be simply and quickly mastered. In addition, each connector has a flexible zone. This compensator enables directional changes of 15 degrees in any direction and is thus a problem solver during installation.

Wall conduct cleverly installed

The wall conducts also show just how much experience and practical knowledge the global market leader has put into COMPAIR PRIME flow®. The outlets through the outer wall come complete with an installation set for the shell construction. The separately packaged set is installed by the bricklayer or a service provider during the construction of the building and sealed with two hard foam plugs. These plugs are equipped with alignment aids for precise installation and a plastering edge for neat plastering inside and out. A newly developed wall connection sleeve hermetically seals the gap between the masonry and the ventilation pipe - also without tools and without sealant. After removing the plugs, the kitchen fitter then just pushes the connection sleeve on with a click and pushes the energy-saving Naber THERMOBOX and one of the two stainless steel design louvres into the pipe from the outside. Thanks to pre-assembled, all-round seals, the whole thing is also permanently airtight and rainproof from the outside.

Fit for the future

COMPAIR PRIME flow® is suitable for all extractor systems: exhaust air, recirculating air and the popular hob or downdraft extractors. For routing power and data cables, the flat and round ducts have grooves for an optional cable duct that is simply slotted in. An optimised support is also available for the flat ducts, which enables load-bearing installation in the floor structure, for example for a free-standing cooking island. In addition, the material-optimised support also serves as a cable duct.

"Last, but not least"

And, last but not least, the pioneering air duct system is particularly sustainable. Ecological product design and socially responsible manufacturing significantly increase sustainability in comparison with competing products.

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Maximum efficiency. Maximum simplicity. Maximum sustainability.

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COMPAIR PRIME flow® system build
COMPAIR PRIME flow® system build
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector with flexible compensator
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector compensator properties
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-RBV 150 with P-UVB 150
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UR 150 deflector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVR 150 universal connector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-RRO 150 round pipe with cable duct
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-VRO 150 flat duct pipe with support bar and cable duct


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