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Kitchen solutions with the urge for perfection

The hot summer temperatures on the last days of the fair meant that many visitors to the area30 not only wanted to deal with ventilation technology in the context of the kitchen, but also in the trade fair hall. With COMPAIR® GREENflow and COMPAIR STEEL flow®, Naber "only" presented solutions for healthy indoor air in the kitchen – however, due to their outstanding quality and effectiveness, these proved to be a strong magnet for the trade visitors on all the days of the fair.

With COMPAIR® GREENflow, Naber has developed the first closed and, at the same time, modular circulating air filter system for downdraft hoods and hob ventilators which banishes the risk of moisture damage in the base area. The number of innovative filter boxes, which are equipped with water-repellent filters in the curved "omega" shape, can be varied so that the fan achieves full performance without the noise level increasing.

The metal air duct system COMPAIR STEEL flow® is extremely flexible in use. With the particularly robust, non-flammable flat and round ducts, solutions can be implemented for extractor hoods with exhaust air and recirculated air - also for downdraft systems in cooking islands. The flat duct with its variably integrated centre bar enables a walk-on load of 100 kilograms, which makes installation in the floor possible.

Service website for ventilation technology

A product video in the media library on the Naber website and the new service portal www.compair-flow.com shows exactly how COMPAIR® GREENflow works. The extremely positive feedback on this freely accessible knowledge tool shows just how urgently not only end customers, but also kitchen planners, architects, carpenters and interior design professionals need fact-based information on the subject of ventilation technology. At www.compair-flow.com they all find themed pages specially designed for them, including charts, graphics and videos. Here, for example, the various types of cooker hood are explained, the strengths and weaknesses of exhaust air and circulating air solutions compared, and the relevant criteria for effective technical solutions illustrated.

Modular kitchens also for the BBQ

Naber demonstrated exciting outdoor scenarios at the area30 under the label "n by Naber": with the award-winning modular kitchen Concept Kitchen and the prototypes of the new Connect Kitchen® – both in the colour "lava", which is similar to anthracite, perfect workstations for barbeques and outdoor cooking can quickly and easily be constructed, altered and packed away again. Thanks to the cooperation with the Italian premium manufacturer Fulgor Milano, for barbecue events, for example, a BBQ hob can be integrated into the Concept Kitchen. As expected, the area30 provided valuable impulses for the studies on the new Connect Kitchen®. With its indoor and outdoor modules made of thin metal pipe and fine wire rods, and its rubberised design rollers, this system kitchen too could soon conquer a wide range of living spaces.

Newcomers set colour highlights

The Naber interior programme TABLON® features the very latest newcomers. In the area of stools and chairs, the elegance of trendy imitation leather upholstery joins company with a comfortably attractive look with easy-care fabric upholstery. Top quality, clear design and great flexibility also characterise the range of table and bench frames, which have been expanded to include products in matt black. The independent design language of TABLON® effortlessly adapts to individual furnishing styles: sometimes underlining the ambience, sometimes creating appealing contrasts.

The range of newcomers displayed on the Naber trade fair area for the kitchen work area "sinks" is also closely aligned to the customers’ wishes. For example, the NABER-CONTURA® stainless steel built-in sinks with new colour versions,  and the elegant Arco faucets from the range ARMATE® LINEA, also sporting the new trend colours, received a great deal of attention. The Water Box from Naber’s fittings range MONTEC® makes it easier to connect up to four water-consuming appliances to the central supply point in the kitchen. Water dispensers, fully automatic coffee machines or drinking water filters can be directly connected to the four-way distributor just like the faucet or dishwasher.

Lighting provides for well-being

The LUMICA® LIC LED system, the platform for smart lighting scenarios, generated a great deal of fascination. With just four components, individual lighting concepts can be implemented for the functional areas of the kitchen and dining room. The result is just the atmosphere you wanted. With the LIC converter, the various LED lights are centrally or decentrally connected to the platform. The other two components are the functional module and the control unit, for example the smartphone or tablet with the corresponding app. LED lights are compelling above all due to their precise light distribution and low power consumption.

As a full-range distributor for kitchen accessories, Naber has also recently put together a bathroom accessory programme which presents not only interior designers and bathroom planners, but also creative kitchen planners with a wide spectrum of possible solutions. The range meets the highest demands in terms of comfort, aesthetics and technical features and can be stylishly integrated into bathroom concepts.

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Kitchen solutions with the urge for perfection - 05.10.2018

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Trade fair stand area30 2018
COMPAIR® GREENflow assembly situation
COMPAIR® GREENflow filter box
COMPAIR STEEL flow® SF-RBH 150 horizontal pipe bend 90 degrees
COMPAIR STEEL flow® SF-E-Jal Col wall conduct incl. THERMOBOX
www.compair-flow.com kitchen planner
www.compair-flow.com Air properly
www.compair-flow.com Air properly
Trade fair stand area30 2018, Concept Kitchen
Trade fair stand area30 2018, Concept Kitchen
Concept Kitchen with BBQ hob by FULGOR MILANO, photo credit: ILVE Deutschland Vertrieb
TABLON® Posto, frame black, cover red
Trade fair stand area30 2018, NABER-CONTURA® stainless steel sink Lusso, copper coloured
Trade fair stand area30 2018, ARMATE® LINEA Arco faucets
Trade fair stand area30 2018, ARMATE® LINEA Arco faucets
ARMATE® LINEA Arco 1, chrome
MONTEC® Water Box
Trade fair stand area30 2018, LUMICA® LIC LED system
Trade fair stand area30 2018, bathroom accessories range
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