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area30 Preview
Intelligent solutions for the comfort zone kitchen

The beauty and functionality of kitchen furnishings can only be maintained in the long term with a powerful ventilation system. At the area30 2018, Naber will present well-engineered, multiple- award-winning solutions that set standards in terms of planning and indoor climate. COMPAIR® GREENflow and COMPAIR STEEL flow® eliminate odours extremely effectively and prevent moisture damage to furniture, appliances and wall and floor coverings.

The COMPAIR® GREENflow technology is compatible with almost all commercially available downdraft hoods and hob ventilation systems. The modular recirculating air filter system from Naber prevents the cooking vapours from coming into contact with either furniture or flooring, filtering them and guiding the moisture safely away from the base area. The air is cleaned by the GREENflow filter boxes, which can be mounted in the base area of all standard bodies and equipped with water-repellent activated carbon filters.

COMPAIR STEEL flow®, winner of the first "German Innovation Award" in the category "Building & Elements", stands for energy-efficient, aerodynamically guided kitchen ventilation and exceptional stability. The comprehensive metal duct system is suitable for all common extractor systems on the world market. At the same time, it offers a variety of new installation options, as the modules can also be integrated into the floor structure. COMPAIR STEEL flow® meets the highest fire safety requirements and achieves the same perfect flow results as Naber’s COMPAIR® flow und COMPAIR® bion air duct system.

The extensive knowledge of ventilation technology, generated over years in our own development laboratory and in cooperation with universities, is not only passed on by Naber at trade fairs and in customer talks. On a new website, this knowledge is prepared for the target group and will be available to kitchen planners, architects, craftsmen and end consumers in future at any time.

This year, Naber has significantly expanded its range of stylish stainless-steel sinks. More than 20 sinks in five model groups under the brand name NABER-CONTURA® are new to the programme – each with an integrated drainage and preparation surface. With the wide range of accessories, convenient sink centres are created whose consistent value is additionally underlined by harmonious lines.

The faucet is far more than just an elegant eye-catcher. High demands on form and colour aesthetics are flanked by the desire for low water consumption and optimum value for money. With our own new brand models from the product range ARMATE® LINEA, Naber once again takes up these requirements. In particular, the versatile Arco models convince with convenience and economy. They can be equipped with a laminar flow regulator, which avoids splashing water and creates a natural jet with reduced flow noise. As a further trade fair attraction in this product segment, Naber is presenting a stylish industrial-style outdoor faucet that is still in the study phase. Once it is ready for the market, it will, no doubt, also be a real eye-catcher in the kitchen, bathroom or loft.

The subject of water supply faces changing consumer habits. Because more and more appliances which have to be connected directly to the supply point are finding their way into the modern kitchen. These include water dispensers, drinking water filters, fully automatic coffee machines and faucets for boiling water. For this, Naber offers a small solution with a big impact: space-saving and amazingly simple, four water-consuming appliances can be connected to the central water supply in the kitchen with the aid of the MONTEC® Water Box – entirely without bonnet or corner valves.

The influence of lighting on our sense of well-being should not be underestimated. The different kitchen areas need to be put in the right light at the right time. Small lighting features are just as important as imposing lights. With the LUMICA® LIC LED system, Naber brings "intelligent light" to the living area. The platform connects the four components converter, functional module, control unit and LED lights, whereby the lights can be arranged and controlled centrally or decentrally. Either a wireless remote control, a motion sensor, a door contact switch or the smartphone or tablet app serves as the control unit.

Each furnishing style, whether opulent, elegant or reduced, contains colourful effects. The interior design can accomplish this highlighting, for which an extensive selection of colours and materials is required. Naber has extended its range of TABLON® chairs, stools, bench and table frames with inviting colours and shapes. Water and dirt repellent fabrics and fabric upholstery in different trend colours, as well as table and bench frames in matt black provide a new wealth of colours in the kitchen and dining area. All new chairs and stools promise the same seating comfort as the known products with artificial leather upholstery.

Kitchen and interior design professionals can also look forward to the area30 presentations by the n by Naber label. The focus is on outdoor cooking and dining scenarios, such as barbecuing. The usual lack of preparation and serving area ends where the flexible Concept Kitchen modules, assembled according to a simple plug-in principle, are set up. n by Naber presents the modular Concept Kitchen modules at the area30 in a new dark grey shade, which promises even more flexibility in colour design.
Attractive outdoor work and storage areas can also be designed with another n by Naber modular system kitchen, which is to be presented to the trade visitors as a study at area30 for the first time. The Connect Kitchen® differs in colour and structure from the Concept Kitchen system, but offers just as much freedom and enjoyment of excellent design.

If you want to find out more, you will find Naber at the area30 from 15 to 20 September 2018 in Löhne at stand G 51.

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area30 Preview – Intelligent solutions for the comfort zone kitchen - 01.08.2018

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COMPAIR® GREENflow, installation situation
COMPAIR® flow K/M Jal 150 external blind
NABER-CONTURA® stainless steel built-in sink Chiave 2
NABER-CONTURA® stainless steel built-in sink Etapa
NABER-CONTURA® stainless steel built-in sink Lusso, copper coloured
ARMATE® LINEA single lever mixer Arco 1, stainless steel finish/black matt
MONTEC® Water Box
SELECTAkit Cox Work® Garden, set 2
TABLON® Posto, fabric upholstery green, frame black
TABLON® Borsa, imitation leather cover dark anthracite, frame stainless steel
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