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Installation aid trio with multi-talents

When less space is available for plumbing and electrical installation, distribution and mounting systems need to be more cleverly designed. Installations require quick and easy installation systems which can be flexibly adapted to user requirements. The currently extended Naber MONTEC® installation material range is designed to meet the requirements of installation professionals and complies with the applicable safety regulations.

With MONTEC® "Flex-Frame®", the idea of a conveniently integrable mounting system for the plumbing in base units of e.g. kitchen islands has been implemented. The metal frame unit, which can be set up with a high level of technical flexibility and consists of two mounting brackets and a sliding centre piece as a functional element, provides a safe place for the connections and drains coming from the floor as well as all other components intended for installation. The compact installation options create more space in cramped installation situations, e.g. for waste separation systems, water filters or under-sink devices. "Flex-Frame®" helps the installer to implement workable solutions for cabinet widths of 500/600 or 800/900/1000 mm.

The MONTEC® "Water Box", which is delivered ready for connection, can also quickly and easily be placed on the "Flex-Frame®" function bar. The advantage of the "Water Box" water distribution tool: as against the conventional installation of individual angle and top valves, four different consumers can be supplied through only one angle valve. One inlet and four outlets e.g. for faucet, dishwasher, fully automatic coffee machine and drinking water filter make the "Water Box" the central cold water distributor.

With the constantly growing number of electrical appliances and systems, the demands on contemporary energy distribution technology have also changed. The MONTEC® range stands for ingenious solutions. For problem-free E-connectivity with the stove socket, as a power splitter, the MONTEC® "Energy Box" is the ideal solution for installing further built-in devices quickly and without having to install additional sockets. Secure mechanical locking of the two outlet-plug-in connections makes it possible to connect the hob/induction field as well as a plug-in oven/dishwasher without cumbersome installation in the furniture body.

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Installation aid trio with multi-talents – 08.07.2020

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MONTEC® Flex-Frame®
MONTEC® Flex-Frame®
MONTEC® Water Box
MONTEC® Water Box
MONTEC® Energy box

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