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Innovative solutions for better extractor hoods

When it comes to efficient, sustainable and healthy solutions for extractor hoods, there is hardly any way around the manufacturer Naber. This is demonstrated by a current brochure from LenteAkkoord, which also contains new and important findings on the subject of fine particles. The publication describes solutions that reconcile health, convenience and high energy performance.

In its new brochure on the subject "Better extractors in new buildings", the initiative LenteAkkoord recommends innovative products from the kitchen accessories specialist Naber. For example, the THERMOBOX, a universal automatic heat retention system that greatly reduces the energy loss via the exhaust air duct of an extraction system when switched off. LenteAkkoord is an alliance of leading building and real estate associations in the Netherlands and the Minister of the BZK (Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties/Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), which promotes highly energy-efficient construction. The focus is on the well-being of the residents.

Supply and exhaust air: fully automatic energy efficiency

For supply and exhaust air ducting, which is enormously important in airtight buildings, Naber has the right solution with the COMPAIR® BIXO Balance® wall conduct. The highlight here is the patented TwisterTec closure system: a small electric motor twists a wear-resistant textile membrane like a plastic bag. When closed, the duct is thus not only hermetically sealed, but three insulating air chambers are created. The U-value is unbeatably low at 0.8 W/(m²K). The electronics integrated into the unit register the exhaust air flow of the extractor and open the outlet completely even at low volume flows. At the same time, a radio signal activates the supply air wall conduct, which opens automatically and closes again after cooking.

Remove fine particles with exhaust air extractor alone

More than half of all particulate matter (PM 2.5) is generated within the home, especially when baking, frying and grilling. In particular when cooking with natural gas, high concentrations of nitrogen oxide NOx and particulate matter are formed. To reduce smell and fine particulate air pollution, the experts at LenteAkkoord recommend extractors with exhaust air ducting to the outside. "A recirculating cooker hood does not remove the pollutants and is therefore not suitable for cooking with natural gas", says the brochure. COMPAIR® flow by Naber is a complete air duct programme including wall conducts and blinds, which is compatible with all exhaust air hoods on the market.

Downdraft and exhaust air? It works!

This also applies to the popular downdraft extractors. Until now, these usually relied on recirculating air ducting via an activated carbon filter mounted in the kitchen cabinet. Alongside possible moisture damage to the furniture body, this variant has the disadvantage of a significantly higher noise level and long run-on times to dry the filter. With GREENflow®, Naber offers a closed and highly efficient circulating air solution in the base area of the kitchen cabinet. The exhaust air solution for downdraft in the Naber range also leaves all design options open. With the metal duct system COMPAIR STEEL flow® which can be laid in the floor structure, the COMPAIR® Turbo 150 wall conduct including the heat retention system THERMOBOX or the stainless steel air outlet COMPAIR® Tower, freestanding cooking islands with downdraft and efficient exhaust air routing are easy to implement.

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Innovative solutions for better extractor hoods – 13.11.2020

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