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Innovation Award for Flex-Frame® by Naber

The German Innovation Award highlights forward-looking products that improve life but are not visible at first glance. This is also the case with the Flex-Frame® installation solution from Naber, which emerged as the winner of the 2021 competition in the category "Excellence in Business to Consumer – Kitchen".

The very easy-to-install mounting system for water-carrying pipes, valves, surface-mounted sockets and more creates order in the base cabinet, for example, of a kitchen island. It helps to make the best possible use of the often limited storage space. The flexible sanitary installation with the MONTEC® Flex-Frame® is possible in base cabinets from 500 to 1,000 millimetres in width and also outside the cabinet in the installation space behind it.

The award-winning tool consists of two mounting brackets and a sliding centrepiece as a functional element. Here, the connections and drains coming from the floor are safely accommodated, as well as all other components intended for installation. Compared to individual installations with various drilling and mounting tasks, the time required is significantly reduced when using the Flex-Frame®.

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Innovation Award for Flex-Frame® by Naber – 25.05.2021

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MONTEC® Flex-Frame® 500/600 mm cabinet width
MONTEC® Flex-Frame® 800/1000 mm cabinet width
MONTEC® Flex-Frame®
MONTEC® Flex-Frame®

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