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A freshly printed product overview of the SELECTAkit® waste collector range can now be requested from the sales staff or directly from us. The practical guide provides more transparency and quick thematic access for all those who wish to keep up-to-date on topics. Especially in the context of consultations at the POS, the compact form makes it a more practical solution than flipping through the full catalogue.


The wall conduct “Thermobox” demonstrates clearly higher tightness in comparison to other wall conducts tested. Both in the positive pressure measurement up to +60 Pa and in the negative pressure measurement at - 60 Pa, the wall conduct “Thermobox” was the only wall conduct tested to remain closed and airtight.


The airtightness achieved in the blower door test reduces the heat loss almost to zero when the extractor hood is switched off.The energetic quality is drastically improved, because the flap has the same high tightness in both directions (negative pressure and positive-pressure measurement).


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Notice of 28.03.2020

Despite the current situation, we are available for you as usual. A high availability of goods is ensured thanks to our extensive logistics center. As before, orders are processed and dispatched at short notice.

If a delivery is currently not possible with you, please let us know immediately!