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Ideal partner for every extractor hood

Good air at home is important. With COMPAIR PRIME flow® from Naber, extractor hoods work more efficiently, quietly and energy-efficiently than ever before.

Foul air, greasy cooking fumes and food smells – nobody wants that. An extractor hood is therefore a must in every kitchen. So that it works perfectly, the air ducts behind it are very important. Cooking is only really a pleasure when the extracted air meets minimal resistance.

COMPAIR PRIME flow® from Naber sets new standards here. No other air duct system transports cooking vapours so efficiently, so safely and so quietly. This is made possible by the bionic design inspired by nature. The advantage: even at a low fan speeds, the cooking vapour is effectively extracted. This means that the extractor fan is much quieter and extracts more air at the same power. This protects your nerves, nose and furniture and lowers the electricity bill.

The system with flat or round ducts and aerodynamically optimised bends fits any extractor hood with a 150 mm connection, both in exhaust and recirculating air mode. With the optional supports, the flat ducts can also be laid in the floor, for example to connect a free-standing cooking island. This means that even with the downdraft extraction of hob fans, the advantageous exhaust air mode is a viable option.

Installation: fast and clean

COMPAIR PRIME flow® is simply plugged together. Universal connectors with click-in elements and integrated double seals reliably provide sturdy and airtight connections; silicone is now a thing of the past. The adhesive tape for sealing the pipes, which was not a very durable solution, has also served its time.

The universal connectors have flexible zones. Each connector can be bent by up to 15 degrees in any direction. This makes the assembly especially fast, which saves expensive working time. With three purely mechanical ventilation flaps in a row, the THERMOBOX included in the set prevents the uncontrolled outflow of heat from the house and the inflow of cold air. This lowers the heating bill.

The initial installation of the wall conduct in the building shell is a simple matter with COMPAIR PRIME flow®. Because the duct that takes the kitchen vapour through the outer wall is included in the package as an extra installation set, complete with accessories. This is installed by the builder without tools and is airtight. Plugs prevent construction debris from contaminating the pipe. When the kitchen is installed, the fitter then simply pushes in the THERMOBOX and a stainless steel design louvre from the outside. On the inside, the air duct is installed with just one click – it doesn't get any better or easier than that.

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Ideal partner for every extractor hood – 08.11.2022

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COMPAIR PRIME flow® system build
COMPAIR PRIME flow® system build
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector with flexible compensator
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector compensator properties
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVB 150 universal connector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-RBV 150 with P-UVB 150
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UR 150 deflector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-UVR 150 universal connector
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-RRO 150 round pipe with cable duct
COMPAIR PRIME flow® P-VRO 150 flat duct pipe with support bar and cable duct


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