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High quality Naber kitchen accessories "on the road"

With a generously extended fleet of vehicles, Naber stays consistently close to its customers: a total of seven Multivans now display the latest kitchen accessories on the spot. Thanks to the clever equipment of the vehicles, the latest product highlights can be convincingly presented even at the distance currently required. "Due to corona, many discussions with our customers at trade fairs and exhibitions are no longer taking place", explains General Sales Manager Bernhard Schonhoff. "That’s why we’re pulling out all the stops and expanding the mobile accessory demonstrations that have been successful for years. With our presentation vehicles and the experience of our field staff, we remain at our customers’ side in the current situation, and are able to go on demonstrating the latest product innovations personally on site."

Attractive modular presentation systems

All Multivans are equipped with modular presentation systems, which Naber constantly updates and improves. These include, for example, sophisticated function displays for ventilation technology and LED lighting technology, sinks and faucets as well as attractively designed switch and socket units. The practical design of the displays shows in direct contact how attractive and practical high-quality Naber kitchen accessories are.

The latest product developments also reach the customers faster

Customers can view innovative new products directly on site and incorporate them into their exhibitions – at present, for example, the Indoor/Outdoor seating furniture of the 100% recyclable polypropylene series "Trill", the stainless steel sink "Corno Turno" with effortlessly swivelling window faucet, the flexible mounting frame for kitchen islands "Flex-Frame®" and new lamps for conveniently controllable lighting scenarios as part of the intelligent smart home lighting system "LUMICA® LIC LED".

Strong local presence

CUSTOMER PROXIMITY is still written big! The market is increasingly reliant on short distances and needs-oriented sales ideas. So the strong local presence of the full-range supplier Naber is proving a key advantage: always up to date and in compliance with all corona measures, extremely practical, convincing and committed.

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High quality Naber kitchen accessories "on the road" – 28.07.2020

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Corona precaution

So that we can continue providing you with the same service as usual, we have divided our employees into a working time shift system. This may cause slight delays in the dispatch of order confirmations and in telephone availability. We apologise for any inconvenience.