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German Design Award 2021 in "Gold" for Corno Turno

Two functionally impressive built-in sinks from Naber are among the recipients of the German Design Award 2021 in the product design category "Kitchen": the Corno Turno made of stainless steel and with a permanently integrated swivelling faucet, has been awarded "Gold". The PickUP made of ceramic with a draining surface directly in the bowl bears the label "Winner".

Of the more than 5,000 entries to the international design competition organised by the German Design Council, 76 products and projects received the rating "Gold" in 2021 – including the built-in sink combination Corno Turno from the NABER-CONTURA® range. According to the jury, it embodies excellent, comprehensive and innovative design and can be regarded as ground-breaking for the kitchen sector. It has already won the Universal Design Awards 2020.

Whether in front of a window or in a kitchen island, the elegant sink innovation Corno Turno impresses with its flexibility and easy handling. The faucet can be completely lowered into the sink, so that nothing protrudes above the worktop level. On the other hand, the faucet can also be used when the sink is half or fully covered with the matching chopping board, thus providing additional work surface in the kitchen.

Exemplary design of the PickUP built-in sink

One of the "Winner" prizes in the German Design Award 2021 in the category "Excellent Product Design – Kitchen" went to the ceramic built-in sink PickUP. With this award, the jury consisting of international design experts paid tribute to a superbly implemented design achievement in the kitchen context.

With two levels in the sink, the PickUP series is an absolute exception in the kitchen accessories segment. It enables particularly resource-saving dish washing by hand as the platform in the sink forms a small lower bowl and acts as a surface for depositing dishes or scrubbed vegetables. The high impact and scratch resistance of the natural material and its lightfast colours guarantee the permanent high-quality appearance of this fitted sink.

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German Design Award 2021 in "Gold" for Corno Turno – 30.09.2020

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