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German-Chinese networking at Naber

On 24 May we welcomed a high-ranking delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs and executives as guests in the context of a "Kitchen-Tour" organised by the AMK subsidiary Greater China. The 23 participants also included Mao Zhongqun, CEO of the market leader Fotile. Among other things, the top-level kitchen appliance manufacturer produces and distributes high-quality European design extractor hoods worldwide.

The focus of the German-Chinese meeting was on the system comparisons as well as the many options for efficient exhaust air ducting and recirculating air filtration for extractor hoods and hob ventilators convincingly presented by the Naber management, sales and R&D team. The potential of innovative key Naber technologies such as COMPAIR® flow, COMPAIR STEEL flow® and COMPAIR® GREENflow in the planning of complex kitchen ventilation concepts, with the aim of achieving a sustainable, healthy indoor climate and effective moisture protection of the furniture body through intelligent recirculating air filter technology, was conveyed by an impressive audio-visual presentation. New facts concerning the interplay of exhaust and recirculating air systems in central home ventilation were attentively registered and dealt with in depth in the subsequent round of discussions.

We are delighted by the outstanding response to the event, which will lead to an intensification of our China network activities and the development of further collaborations. A commitment that we have now been successfully fostering for almost seven years. At this point we again expressly wish to thank Hongyi Cai as the AMK supporter and host of the travel group. Further stations of the delegation were the Cologne interzum, as well as the companies Hettich, Miele and Nolte.

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German-Chinese networking at Naber – 09.07.2019

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The accessories specialist Naber was on the visiting programme of an AMK delegation of leading Chinese companies at the end of May.
Many interesting insights were offered, for example into the high-bay warehouse logistics and pick by voice picking technology.
The focus of the German-Chinese meeting was the intensive exchange on innovative solutions for efficient exhaust air ducting and recirculating air filtration for extractor hoods and hob ventilators.

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