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Extractor system: clarity for fire protection

In flats and houses with up to 400 square metres of floor space, no special requirements are necessary for the fire protection of air ducts for extractor systems when conventionally installed. The kitchen technology specialist Naber has had this clarified by means of a legal opinion.

This means that normal flammable plastic ducts (certified according to DIN 4102-B2) are permitted for the vast majority of applications. This is based on the expert opinion of the specialist lawyer Norbert Küster from Düsseldorf. According to this, when assessing suitability under fire protection law, the decisive factor is not the product but its area of application.

According to §§ 29 to 31 of the Model Building Regulation (Musterbauordnung), the partitioning of functional units into fire protection sections by means of suitable walls and ceilings is decisive for fire protection in buildings. The standard size of these functional units is set in the State Building Regulations (Landesbauordnungen) at a maximum of 400 square metres. If a ventilation duct is installed inside such a unit or leads directly through an external wall into the open air, plastic ducts such as COMPAIR® flow from Naber are the right choice.

These also do not need to have non-combustible cladding, do not need to be made of non-combustible materials themselves and do not necessarily need to lead directly from the kitchen to the outside. This applies to flats and non-residential buildings that are no larger than 400 square metres.

Exceptions in case of routing through partition walls and shafts

Non-combustibility requirements according to § 41 para. 2 and 3 of the Model Building Regulation only apply if the exhaust air ducting is routed through partition walls or fire protection walls into other fire protection functional units or into vertical ventilation shafts. For such areas of application, Naber offers the non-combustible metal duct system COMPAIR STEEL flow® (certified according to DIN 16501-A1). This has the same precise dimensions and excellent ventilation performance as the plastic version. COMPAIR STEEL flow® is also suitable for pressure-resistant installation in floor structures, free-hanging as a design element in loft ambience or for projects abroad with different requirements.

Ventilation systems directive is subordinate

The Ventilation Installation Directive (Lüftungsanlagerichtlinie - LüAR), which is often cited as a justification for the use of non-combustible ventilation ducts, is also legally subordinate to the Model Building Regulation and its application in the State Building Regulations. It is not a legal regulation, but merely an internal administrative instruction of the Ministry of Construction to the building control authorities to examine applications accordingly. The requirement stated in the Ventilation Installation Directive, paragraph 8.1 "Exhaust air ducts must be made of non-combustible building materials" only applies to the aforementioned case that the exhaust air duct cuts through partition walls or fire protection walls between functional units.

The original legal opinion and all further information on the COMPAIR® air duct systems from Naber can be found at

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Extractor system: clarity for fire protection – 28.10.2020

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