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Extractor hoods clearly more efficient

This much steam hasn’t been let off per extractor hood for a long time. After almost ten years without testing, the German consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest has brought itself up-todate, and the new test results speak for themselves.

In the latest test, 21 extractor hoods were tested for their efficiency in exhaust air and recirculated air operation. The insight that “If you can, you should use your hood with extraction. Recycling air is not only louder, also more grease, odours and moisture remain in the kitchen” (quote from ‘test’ 3/2016) didn’t really surprise us after many years of intensive research and development work in the field of energy-efficient air duct technology. Connected to energyefficient extractor hoods, it optimises the volume flow through a decisive reduction in pressure loss and leads the air sucked in through the closed system to the outside.

As a leading developer, Naber has carried out focussed and tireless pioneering work in the past. Within the framework of considerable development work, we promoted our own developments despite or precisely because of the steady pressure from the strong recycling air lobby. As early as 2006, Hans-Joachim Naber headed the exhaust air movement and set up corresponding capacities in the Naber development team.

Since then, pioneering systems such as cross-section optimised flow ducts with integrated air guide elements, bionic arcs and energy-efficient wall conducts have ensured an improved feelgood climate in the kitchen and living room the world over. Because hoods equipped with air extraction technology benefit from a noticeable increase in performance, significantly quieter operation and the heat insulating effects of intelligent mechanical wall conduct technology. A clear statement to the trading partners and customers that we will continue along this path as a committed innovation driver.

One thing is certain, the test clearly shows that arguments for recirculating hoods are not up-todate, and quite simply wrong for health, structural and energy reasons. Consultants and planners should therefore always provide for an exhaust air solution where the structural conditions allow.

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Extractor hoods clearly more efficient - 13.04.2016

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