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Extractor hood: It's what's behind that counts

An extractor hood is only as good as the pipe system behind it. Wrong components and mistakes in planning and installation reduce performance! Naber offers the right solution for every device.

Moving air is a special medium. Up to 650 cubic metres per hour, i.e. 650,000 litres, are conveyed by a powerful extractor hood for private kitchens – at least in theory. Because the performance specifications of the device are one thing, the actual air delivery rate is another. This greatly depends on the pipe system which the extractor hood is connected to. Rough surfaces, small radii and the wrong diameter of components reduce performance, as do very long ducting paths and inefficient wall conducts and external blinds.

Quiet, powerful and effective

The shortest possible paths, aerodynamically optimised components and clever technologies, on the other hand, make for satisfied customers. The manufacturer Naber is the global leader when it comes to duct systems for extractor systems in private kitchens, whether for exhaust or recirculating air, in plastic or in "industrial design" made of fireproof and airtight metal. The components of the COMPAIR® system fit any extractor hood and are available as flat or round ducts in all diameters with optimum flow characteristics and efficient cross-sections. Wall conducts such as COMPAIR® BIXO release the extracted vapour to the outside but do not allow unwanted cold air to enter in winter. Extractor systems remove a lot of cooking vapours even at low power levels, are quieter and consume less electricity. Moreover, no expensive heat energy is lost when the system is not in use.

Perfect solutions for downdraft

Hob extractors that draw air downwards offer a wide range of options for the visually appealing and flexible planning of open kitchens. However, the airflow and purification are not always optimal. In recirculating mode, the damp air can condense in the base cabinet and adjacent surfaces, resulting in longterm contamination and damage. What's more, inadequate filter performance can lead not only to contaminated indoor air but also significantly increased noise from the fan motor. Naber has developed a total of five planning examples for an efficient exhaust air solution, also for free-standing cooking islands. They optimise the air delivery rate, reduce noise pollution and avoid the annoying run-on of the extractor.

COMPAIR® GREENflow is an innovative recirculating air filter system consisting of several modules installed in the base area under the kitchen cabinets. By distributing the purified air to several ventilation boxes with shapely aluminium outlet grilles, it flows back into the room almost imperceptibly. The activated carbon filters, which are significantly larger than standard solutions, can be regenerated many times and neutralise odours very effectively.
All information about Naber COMPAIR® ventilation technology, numerous planning examples and free guides can be found at

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Extractor hood: It's what's behind that counts – 27.04.2022

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COMPAIR® BIXO exhaust air wall conduct
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COMPAIR® F-Top adapter, COMPAIR® flow 150, COMPAIR® top 125
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