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Extractor: exhaust air is healthier

Grease, moisture, odour, fine dust and viral aerosols are transported outside to the greatest possible extent by an exhaust hood. Circulating air only partially cleans the cooking fumes. This can have a negative effect on health.

Healthy air is extremely important in pandemic times. This also applies to private kitchens, which are often open to the living room. Regular and reliable air exchange is essential here to ensure that the pollutants, wet and greasy cooking fumes, and odours produced during cooking, frying, and baking are safely extracted. When it comes to good, healthy indoor air, consistent air exchange is also the best measure for sources outside the kitchen.

Studies demonstrate advantages of exhaust air

Naber, the specialist for kitchen accessories and especially for ventilation technology, has gathered a wealth of knowledge about the effectiveness of extractor hoods in recent years. A comprehensive study by the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden, the Institut für Technische Gebäudeausrüstung Dresden and the Passive House Institute confirms the advantages of an exhaust air solution for the extractor hood: moisture, odours and grease are removed more effectively from the room. The effectiveness of circulating air solutions depends to a large extent on the condition of the filters. With circulating air, moisture anyway remains in the room. This can lead to mould formation on cold surfaces, which in turn is very harmful for the respiratory tract. Mould can also trigger or aggravate asthma. A new focus is on aerosols, the finest particles in the room air which viruses can attach themselves to. This increases the risk of infection e.g. by flu and corona viruses.

Fine dust is underestimated

In Germany, the detrimental health effects of particulate matter in the kitchen have not been a big issue so far. But it most certainly has in the Netherlands. A recent study by important building associations and the responsible ministry has come to the conclusion that very high levels of particulate matter are often present in homes, and that up to 50 percent of this is caused by cooking and frying. The authors recommend using extractor hoods to reduce this risk. Fine dust leads to mucosal irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract. A study by the Universitätsmedizin in Mainz also found that microscopic fine dust particles enter the body via the lungs or the olfactory nerve, cross the blood-cerebral barrier and can thus increase the risk of developing dementia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy and migraines, among other things. The Federal Environment Agency also warns of the consequences of high fine dust pollution.

Exhaust air for each and everybody

With COMPAIR® flow, Naber offers the full range of plastic and metal air ducts, energy-efficient and intelligently controlled wall conducts for supply and exhaust air, external wall blinds and controls. And that for almost any hood with any power in any installation position. Also for downdraft and for freestanding cooking islands, in small and large kitchens. The aerodynamically optimised air ducts and wall conducts reduce the volume flow required for clean and healthy room air and the efficient extraction of the cooking fumes. This not only reduces the power consumption of the hood, but also the noise level. (Downdraft) extractors with exhaust air do not need any bothersome run-on time to dry the circulating air filter.

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Extractor: exhaust air is healthier – 14.12.2020

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COMPAIR® exhaust air
COMPAIR® exhaust air

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