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Exhaust hoods help against aerosols contaminated with viruses

A good exchange of air in closed rooms is more important than ever. In the kitchen, efficient exhaust air solutions can help reduce the risk of infection by lowering the number of viruses in the room air.

The corona pandemic confronts us with new concepts and contexts. One of these is the risk of infection through so-called aerosols. These are tiny droplets, ten times smaller than a hair, which viruses can attach themselves to when breathing and speaking. These may also be flu or cold viruses. In contrast to direct infection by larger droplets when sneezing or coughing, keeping your distance and wearing a face mask hardly help. The aerosols escape past the mask with expelled air and enter the airways when breathing in. Simulations by the Hermann Rietschel Institute at the TU Berlin have shown that someone infected with corona or flu viruses can completely contaminate a room with aerosols within a few minutes. The higher the concentration of viruses in the air, the higher the risk of infection.

Good ventilation helps a lot

Consistent and frequent airing is an important measure against this path of infection. The more air that flows through a room per hour – the experts call this air exchange – the lower the aerosol and thus the possible virus concentration. This especially applies during the heating period, when windows are closed more often to prevent the room heat from escaping and to keep heating costs low. For kitchens and open living areas, the air quality of which is anyway polluted by damp, grease and odours from cooking, the answer is to switch on the extractor fan and let it run more extensively than usual.

Important to know: recirculating hoods do not eliminate aerosols, as they only filter odours and grease and blow the moist air back into the room. The aerosol concentration and distribution even tend to increase in recirculating air operation. Exhaust air systems, on the other hand, consistently convey the room air out of the building. "With an exhaust air solution, whatever the type, the air quality in the kitchen and living space is altogether much better than with a recirculating hood", stresses Dr.-Ing. Alfred Bruns, Head of Research and Development at the kitchen accessories specialist Naber. For an exhaust hood to discharge the air from the building in an efficient, quiet and energy-saving manner, an aerodynamically optimised air duct system is required. As an innovation and market leader, Naber here offers a versatile and powerful product that is compatible with almost every cooker hood worldwide: COMPAIR® flow. Precisely manufactured connections make the ducts permanently airtight. COMPAIR® flow is available in plastic and also in the non-combustible and pressure-resistant metal version.

Exhaust air needs supply air

Without incoming fresh air, however, the effect of an exhaust hood is limited, also when it comes to aerosols. Naber has therefore considerably extended its range of supply air wall conducts and combined supply and exhaust air models. In the BIXO Balance® set, the patented "TwisterTec" technology of an airtight sealable duct hose and intelligent radio electronics between the exhaust air and supply air conduct ensure the lowest possible heat losses. This means that an advantageous exhaust air solution for kitchen ventilation is also possible in efficiency and passive houses. The new wall conduct technology, developed together with Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek of the University of Stuttgart, has already received the German Innovation Award 2020 as the winner in the category "Excellence in Business to Business – Building & Elements".

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Exhaust hoods help against aerosols contaminated with viruses – 08.09.2020

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