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Excellent appraisal by the specialised trade

Performance review "Fitted kitchen sinks/accessories 2020" by "markt intern"

In the performance review "Fitted kitchen sinks/accessories 2020" by "markt intern", Naber has achieved an excellent 2nd place and improved by one rank compared to 2018. The overall score of 1.98 is calculated from twelve individual scores which the kitchen trade used to assess various performance parameters relating to products, earnings, service and sales/strategy.

Top mark for order processing

In competition with six other manufacturers of fitted kitchen sinks and accessories, Naber achieved first place in three of the twelve individual disciplines. The survey of owner-run specialist kitchen shops in autumn 2020 attests to our very good order processing. Here, we took top position with a dream score of 1.46 – after coming third in the 2018 retailer survey.

Performance review "Fitted kitchen sinks/accessories 2020" by "markt intern"

The specialist kitchen trade again sees top earning opportunities in the cooperation with Naber. When it comes to turnover rate and realisable trade margin, we held our ground in the 2020 performance review, achieving first place for kitchen accessories and fitted sinks. Naber will also continue to consistently pursue this path of fairness and reliability in the future.

Our thanks go to all those customers who took the time to participate in the survey conducted by the sectoral information service "markt intern" and who gave substance to the performance review with their insightful statements.

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