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Review area30 2022
The new benchmark in kitchen ventilation technology

"Let's go" was announced on Naber's area30 stand in letters that were clearly visible from afar. The latest relevant accessory solutions for diverse product ranges were discussed. The biggest attraction for trade visitors on all days proved to be COMPAIR PRIME flow®, the air duct system with optimised air flow for all commercially available extractor systems that is surprisingly easy to plan and install.

New space-saving waste collector systems, brilliant LED lights, expressive faucets for kitchen and bathroom – these and many other kitchen accessory newcomers, together with the COMPAIR PRIME flow® premiere amidst the large range of durable quality products, made for a sense of new beginnings at the Naber stand.

Ecological product design

With the new comprehensive air duct system COMPAIR PRIME flow® for exhaust and recirculating air solutions, the kitchen accessories specialist has achieved a quantum leap in ventilation technology. Current and future building technology requirements for efficiency and air tightness are clearly met. The air delivery rate in flat or round ducts, pipe bends and connecting pieces has been significantly improved using the latest technology from the aerospace industry. The whisper-quiet operation of the extractor hood and low power consumption are further effects of the optimisation.

At the Naber trade fair stand, original parts were used to illustrate the new guide vanes and turbulators and were combined to form example installation solutions. An informative video gave the visitors an impression of the system's air flow and ease of installation. Along with its inner values, COMPAIR PRIME flow® especially impresses with its incomparably flexible connectors.

Insert – click together – done!

The ingeniously simple universal connector at the heart of the COMPAIR® innovation facilitates airtight installation of the air ducts, pipe bends and the deflector without any tools, silicone or adhesive tape. The elements are simply inserted and a click confirms that they are slotted together and perfectly connected. The double two-lip seal is permanently elastic and gives the system unprecedented flexibility. Direction changes of up to 15 degrees in any direction are possible as the connectors can be stretched, compressed, bent and adjusted.

Naber has also considerably simplified the installation of the wall conduct for exhaust air solutions. As well as the THERMOBOX, every wall conduct set compatible with COMPAIR PRIME flow® contains a shell construction set. Its central element is the wall connection sleeve, which securely anchors the pipe in the core drill hole. With the aid of supports, COMPAIR PRIME flow® can be installed invisibly in the floor structure – an important option for kitchen islands. Power and data cables can be neatly concealed in the air ducts.

With this system, which has now been presented to the public for the first time, Naber defines the new benchmark in kitchen ventilation technology. With COMPAIR PRIME flow®, the technical optimum can be achieved for any layout and any extractor hood. It offers kitchen users maximum convenience when it comes to cooking in clean indoor air.

Waste management including Quooker water tank

Making the best possible use of space in the sink base unit – that's what SELECTAkit® waste collector systems have long been known for. At the trade fair, Naber showed for the first time with Cox® Base Q how the ideal storage space organisation can be achieved in various installation situations when, in addition to the waste containers, water tanks for Quooker special faucets also have to be accommodated.

The stable waste system with soft closing and damping for 600 millimetre wide base units integrates a platform for the Quooker Pro3 boiling water tank or the Cube cold water tank. The water tanks are securely placed to the right or left of the waste containers, where they can be easily replaced. All hoses and cables are organised in a space-saving way, and the installation of Cox® Base Q is simple and straightforward. With the aid of optional accessories, the Quooker system can also be installed and connected in front of the base unit.

Cox Stand-UP® for existing front pull-outs

A further product innovation in the SELECTAkit® range enables the separation of waste and recyclables with optimised container volumes in cabinets with an existing front pull-out. Individually selected combinations of high-quality Cox® Box containers can be mounted and thus securely positioned in the newly developed, floor-mounted frame system Cox Stand-UP® for cabinet widths of up to 900 millimetres. The product series includes three container heights and can therefore be matched exactly to the frame and front height of the pull-out. When planning the waste collectors, sometimes every centimetre counts, so the complete lid can also be mounted behind the top front to save space.

The new variety of waste collector systems, which makes optimum use of limited storage space, also expands the combination options of the Naber Trio. The comprehensive planning of sink, faucet and waste collectors not only makes sense when it comes to special faucets with water tanks. Rather, the interplay of high-quality individual solutions makes for aesthetically and functionally outstanding solutions that significantly simplify everyday routines at the heart of the kitchen.

Contemporary perfection thanks to clever accessory solutions was also on display at the Naber area30 stand, among other things, in the bathroom suite and the exemplary loft furnishings. Once again, particular attention was paid to the situational lighting of kitchens and bathrooms, which can be realised straightforwardly with the LUMICA® LIC LED system and controlled at the touch of a button or by voice command to a smart speaker. Naber has added the new Plafoniera ceiling light with high-power colour-changing LED to its range. Direct and indirect light can be separately switched and combined, which creates fantastic lighting effects, especially in rooms with a kitchen island.

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The new benchmark in kitchen ventilation technology – 28.09.2022

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