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COMPAIR® STEEL flow is the integral kitchen ventilation system made of metal from Naber. Whether a recirculation or extraction solution is planned, COMPAIR® STEEL flow gives you all the necessary connections, adapters and intermediate sections down to various wall conducts, such as the E-Jal Col® including the innovative THERMOBOX – suitable for low-energy buildings. This is guaranteed by the blower door certificate. You can thereby ensure innovative air duct technology for all new build and modernisation plans.



An exclusive and high-quality presentation idea as an eye-catcher and driver for the exhibition. Designed as a portable, transparent wall conduct with an unobstructed view of the THERMOBOX ShutterTec retention system which prevents flow and heat losses.



The Naber developers have won Silver in the category kitchen accessories for further outstanding performance in the ventilation technology segment. On the occasion of the Living Kitchen, the BMK jury awarded the wall conduct outside blind E-Jal Col® the Innovation Prize 2016/2017.



THERMOBOX started the new year with the world’s most important sustainability award, the American "Green Good Design Award 2017" in the category "Products". This is awarded each year by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies for particularly environmentally friendly projects.



The noises produced when using a kitchen can be passed by structure-borne sound transmission to the adjacent room or the neighbouring apartment. Sounds like chopping or banging, putting down pots and hard objects on the kitchen worktop are transmitted through the furniture and wall into the adjacent units. Further disturbing noises occur when putting away dishes, pans, bottles or cans in cupboards, drawers and pull-outs.



Once again, the expert jury of the German Design Council has ratified the developers of the Naber-THERMOBOX an innovative engineering achievement – this time in the product category Building Technologies. The Nordhorners’ visionary product development in the context architecture and design was decisive for the jury’s predicate "Iconic Awards 2016 – Winner".



With the "German Brand Award", the German Design Council has launched a new competition which rewards pioneering brands, brand concepts and their creators. On 16 June 2016, the finalists of the first German Brand Awards 2016 were presented within the framework of a festive gala in Berlin.


Simply different to the others!
Simply different to the others!

As a star chef he needs no glamor or show effects to demonstrate his professional skills. In the midst of the local nature, on his outdoor tour with Concept Kitchen, Sören Anders celebrates authentic regional cuisine at its finest. The episodes of the first SWR series already broadcast lured viewers to the screens throughout Germany. Unfortunately, the episodes of “Leibspeise mal ANDERS” with the likeable star chef are no longer available in the SWR media library. We can only hope that the excellent response encourages the SWR to record a second series. We are all ears - and we’ll keep you up-to-date with the NEWS.


Flow optimised wall conduct with blower door certificate. Opens and closes without using external energy. The airtightness achieved in the blower door test reduces the heat loss almost to zero when the extractor hood is switched off.The energetic quality is drastically improved, because the flap has the same high tightness in both directions (negative pressure and positive-pressure measurement).

The hermetically sealed system is convincingly easy to assembly and requires no electrical connection.

Flow-optimised components and the absence of electrically powered accessory devices relieve the extractor hood and reduce noise.


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