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LIC LED technology will wow any customer!

High-quality lighting for high-quality living is only possible with innovative lighting technology! And LUMICA® from Naber is the ideal platform to do just that. Lighting technology means: Different types of lights are connected up to create harmony and individual lighting areas. The perfect lighting for any situation: cooking, eating, letting off steam, working, relaxing, hanging out...
At the centre of it all is the LUMICA® LIC LED system. Naber combines the benefits of LED lighting with a system of convenient switches and controls. Just set your desired lighting scenario, save and then switch on with a tap of your finger or a voice command! Naber offers a wide array of different lights for the system – with impressive design and functionality, appropriate for any style.


Smart lighting
with the LIC LED system


White light has three colour temperatures:

The brightness and colour temperature of all Naber LIC lights are continuously adjustable.


Everything you need:

4 system modules

Getting started couldn’t be easier: The simplicity of the plug and play technology allows you to install the four basic modules quickly and safely. The control units communicate all previously saved lighting scenarios wirelessly. Thanks to the wide range of LIC products, lights and controls can be easily integrated into the system – as individually as you want, as conveniently as possible.


Wide range of lighting:

Every light in the Naber catalogue that has this symbol can be combined and controlled using the transformer and control units. And all lights also function as individual lights.

How to control

your smart lighting.

From a tap of the finger

to voice commands!


You decide how you want to switch your individual lighting areas on and off. With a tap of your finger (on your remote control, tablet or smartphone) or a voice command (by connecting to Philips Hue, or using a smart speaker, smart home system and the Naber LIC Home Base module).


Easy as pie.
One touch for your
desired light!


Say goodbye to the hassle of turning on individual lights one at a time! You have total control over your lighting. Just one tap will display all your previously defined lighting scenarios. Fun and economical!


Smart lighting listens
to you!


The Naber LIC Home Base module connects your LIC System to the internet for convenient voice command controls. All you need to do is set a command for your desired lighting scenario and speak – done! After all, convenient, innovative LED lighting management should be part and parcel of modern living focused and urban style kitchens!


Products and info – quickly

and conveniently!


Our Naber online shop offers a clear overview and detailed descriptions of all our LIC LED system appliances and lights. Just select and rank your preferences, and get an individual lighting design instantly!


Click here to visit
the online shop!


Info brochures:
Containing everything
you need to know!


Naber LIC LED System – Introduction

Lighting scenarios for modern living. Plus: The LIC Home Base module as an introduction to the fascinating world of the smart home.



Naber LIC LED System – detailed information and product overview

Examples of lighting scenarios, explanation of system modules, hints and tips for planning and installation, A-Z of terms.


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High-quality lighting for

high-quality kitchens!

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New Naber catalogues from april 2023

The new Naber catalogue is due to be published on 01.04.2023 - look forward to a host of newcomers! Until the end of March, the 2022 catalogue is still valid as the current price list. The requested print folders 23/24 will be sent out from the middle of March.