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Success in the third generation

as of 2022

  • Presenting COMPAIR PRIME flow®, the newly developed air duct system that optimizes kitchen ventilation with maximum efficiency and ease of installation.
  • Design awards for Varco LED.


  • Strengthening the international presence
  • Expanding the offer and consistently enlarging the DICKER GRÜNER product catalogue, which has long been known throughout the industry as a benchmark for orientation, with the two catalogues BASICS and TECH, with immediate effect in a three-pack with the TABLON interior catalogue.
  • Design awards for COMPAIR STEEL flow® and COMPAIR® GREENflow


  • Expansion of the logistics, product development and the laboratory
  • Development and introduction of the THERMOBOX (COMPAIR®)
  • Design award for Thermobox, Cox-Base-Board, Concept Kitchen


  • Introduction of the brand n by naber / Concept Kitchen
  • Entry onto the Austrian market
  • Design awards for Concept Kitchen,
  • Flow Star GTS, Cox-Base-Board, Speedline
  • Opening of a dealers’ portal (webshop)


  • Development and presentation of COMPAIR® flow 150 and 125.
  • Design awards for COMPAIR® flow,
    the outer blind programme E-Jal
    and the waste collection systems Snap, Toki and Cabbi.
  • Entry in the market Belgium.
  • Development and presentation of the waste collection system COX®.
  • Further extension of the offices in Enschedestrasse.
  • Construction of a new office building in Enschedestraße 24 and occupation in June 2008.


In 2003 the third generation joins the company management in the person of Lasse Naber.

2000 - 2005

  • Operational start-up of the new logistics centre.
  • Presentation of the shop system STANDby.
  • Further development of the shop system Szenario.
  • Presentation of the takeaway concept PunktUm.
  • Extension of the award-winning Cabbi waste collection system family.

1990 - 1999

Presentation of the shop systems Szenario and PICPoint.
Further design awards.
Entry into the markets Netherlands and Austria with our own field sales force.
Extension of the offices in Enschedestrasse.
  • Development of drop-in sinks, illumination, rack and niche equipment systems.
  • First design awards.
  • First ideas and developments of shop systems.
  • First stands at international trade fairs in the USA, England and France (among others).
  • Construction of new offices and warehouse in Enschedestrasse

1970 - 1979

  • Development of air channel and waste collection systems, kitchen fittings.


In 1975 Ingrid and Hans-Joachim Naber take over the company and develop the new range "Kitchen accessories".

As a result of their creativity and hard work the company becomes one of the leading kitchen accessory suppliers in Europe with a full range of products.


In 1948 Hermann Naber founds a wholesale company for joinery supplies and furniture fittings.
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New Naber catalogues from april 2023

The new Naber catalogue is due to be published on 01.04.2023 - look forward to a host of newcomers! Until the end of March, the 2022 catalogue is still valid as the current price list. The requested print folders 23/24 will be sent out from the middle of March.