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Design prize for Naber Varco LED luminaire series

A special feature of the Varco LED luminaire range is its effective funnel-shaped optic, which provides atmospheric lighting for various areas of the kitchen and adjoining living areas. For this innovation in the LUMICA® range, the Varco LED luminaire series (Design by Kirstin Overbeck Industrial Design, Münster), Naber was the winner of the German Design Award 2022 in the category "Excellent Product Design – Lighting".

For every category, a separate expert jury had been formed by the German Design Council, which has presented the German Design Award once a year for ten years. The "Winner" award means that Naber launched a groundbreaking solution for home lighting on the market with Varco – including an exemplary design achievement. This award is held in high esteem far beyond professional circles. The German Design Council is taking a close look in its anniversary year at the answers designers are coming up with to increasingly complex issues.

The suspended luminaire and the under-cabinet luminaires of the Varco series are highlights in their own right that impress with their timeless aesthetics and controllable lighting dynamics. Controlled by electronic touch switch and via converter and remote control, dimming and memory functions can be adapted to different times of day and lighting conditions.

The underfloor luminaire in straight and angled L-shape distributes its light volume with a high light output onto the work surface in a targeted manner. Almost floating above the cooking island, dining table or workstation, the pendant luminaire emits downwardly directed, intensive long-field LED light and also sets impressive room accents with upwardly directed, discreet ambient lighting. Naber offers the Varco models in two versions: with black or stainless steel-coloured aluminium housing.

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Design prize for Naber Varco LED luminaire series – 07.12.2021

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LUMICA® Varco LED luminaire series
LUMICA® Varco 1 LED, black
LUMICA® Varco 2 LED, stainless steel coloured
LUMICA® Varco 3 LED, stainless steel coloured
LUMICA® Varco 3 LED, stainless steel coloured

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