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Design experts put Naber kitchen accessories in the spotlight

Excellent product design, like innovative strength, is part of Naber’s corporate identity. The kitchen accessories specialist develops products that are aesthetically appealing, suitable for everyday use and future-oriented. Within the past two years Naber received nine design and innovation awards for six of its product innovations from the product ranges sinks, waste collectors and ventilation technology.

Functionally exemplary built-in sinks

One of the most recent awards is the German Design Award 2021 in Gold for the sink combination Corno Turno made of stainless steel (Design by tbSTUDIO, Berlin). The charmingly simple single bowl innovation from the NABER-CONTURA® range can be transformed into additional work surface when covered with the matching chopping board, while the permanently integrated faucet can still be used. It is operated by the single-lever mixer placed at the end of the L-shaped outlet. With a single movement, the faucet can be tilted so that it is completely in the bowl – the ideal sink for installation in front of the kitchen window and for the kitchen island. In 2020 it was awarded the Universal Design Awards. The Bund deutscher Innenarchitekten (association of German interior architects) counts it among the winners of the competition "bdia ausgesucht! 2020".

The ceramic fitted sink PickUP (Design by Hans Winkler Design, Grafenau) is among the winners of the German Design Award 2021. The jury considered the two-level sink design to be an exemplary design achievement. The integrated draining platform makes it possible to wash a small amount by hand without using much water. Cuttings and scrubbed vegetables can also be placed here. Like the Corno Turno, this fitted sink is ideal for small kitchen layouts. The prominent model in the high-quality ceramic sink range is available in five colours and in the variants for above-counter, flush-mounted and sub-structure installation.

Collaborations and sound know-how

Product innovations in ventilation technology are often based on close cooperation between Naber's own product development and scientific institutes. As well as the technical products, Naber provides kitchen planners and the construction industry with relevant know-how for planning kitchen ventilation systems that effectively ensure healthy indoor air when cooking. Studies show that exhaust air solutions are also possible in high-quality efficiency houses.

The wall conduct technology COMPAIR® BIXO/BIXO Balance® developed by Naber together with Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek of the University of Stuttgart regulates the supply and exhaust air fully automatically and was awarded the German Innovation Award in 2020. It is one of the winners in the category "Excellence in Business to Business – Building & Elements". The jury’s attention here was focused on the patented TwisterTec closure system. When closed, the wall vent is hermetically sealed. It opens fully as soon as the cooker hood is switched on. At the same time, a radio signal controls the supply air wall conduct, which provides for an optimum air balance.

Comprehensive and powerful

As a world premiere, Naber launched the particularly stable, non-combustible air duct system COMPAIR STEEL flow® onto the market, thus expanding the installation options for air ducts. The recyclable elements can be integrated into the floor and ceiling structure or visibly attached to walls and ceilings. The latter harmonises perfectly with furnishings in the industrial style. The jury of the German Design Award 2019 bestowed the comprehensive metal air duct system with the title "Special Mention" in the category Kitchen.

The innovative character of the COMPAIR® GREENflow product design was highlighted twice: for the powerful modular recirculating air filter system, Naber received the ICONIC AWARD 2019: Innovative interior and was also crowned a "Winner" at the German Innovation Award 2019 in the area "Excellence in Business to Consumer – Kitchen". The highly effective filter technology prevents moisture damage and mould growth in the furniture corpus in the closed downdraft system. The vapour is channelled through flow-optimised air ducts into the filter boxes, which are positioned in the base area of the floor cabinet.

Striking utensils box not only for the kitchen

The portable utensils box Cox Work® has been awarded the Red Dot quality seal – Naber is among the winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2019. In the year before, Cox Work® received three awards. The cooperation with the designer Kilian Schindler resulted in a good- looking and long-lasting product which can be integrated into several Cox® waste collection containers as a utensil box for cleaning equipment. With a carrying handle and optional small parts tray, the sturdy storage container is equally suitable for garden utensils and toys as well as for the workshop and office. As you would expect of good design, as an unobtrusive yet distinctive object, Cox Work® simplifies everyday life and fascinates with its quality.

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Design experts put Naber kitchen accessories in the spotlight – 01.02.2021

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