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COMPAIR® GREENflow in the pioneering role for downdraft recirculating air guidance with damp protection

The demands on functionality and efficiency when it comes to application-specific downdraft recirculating air and filtering have grown. The focus is on the module solutions which dock into the ventilator, which equalise the vapour flow in a controlled manner, clean it using effective filter box technology in the base area and allow the filtered air to flow out via aerodynamically shaped outlet grilles so that it is barely perceptible. With COMPAIR® GREENflow we have also taken on a pioneering role in recirculating air technology. All the details of efficient COMPAIR® GREENflow downdraft recirculating air filtration at the highest technical level with effective damp protection can be found in a new brochure which is available for download or on the Naber ventilation technology website Your path to the pioneer is just a few clicks away.

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