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Changeover at Naber GmbH: New Head of General Sales!

As much as one would like to hold on to some things forever: change is inevitable! To the great regret of the Management, the long-standing General Sales Manager and authorised signatory of Naber GmbH, Mr. Bernhard Schonhoff, will be retiring in the course of 2021.

Mr. Schonhoff started working for Naber GmbH back in 1979. In his more than forty years with the company, he has played a skilful and extremely varied role in determining the company’s impressive success. The Management therefore expresses its heartfelt thanks to Mr. Schonhoff and wishes him all the very best for the more peaceful years that are now to follow!

New General Sales Manager: Mr. Jörg Brune

As an extremely competent expert who is highly respected throughout the industry, replacing Mr. Schonhoff is no easy task. Naber is all the more delighted to be able to introduce his successor, Mr. Jörg Brune, whose winning personality and high professional qualifications mean he is ideally suited for this position. For many years, Mr. Brune worked as a senior executive and most recently as Managing Director at WKS Textilveredlungs GmbH in Wilsum. He was already able to gain experience in the kitchen sector through an earlier position at berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH in Rheine.

Mr. Brune will be introduced to the complex area of responsibility by Mr. Schonhoff over the coming months. In this way, it is ensured that the excellent quality of the General Sales Management at Naber GmbH will be maintained on a continuous basis.

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Changeover at Naber GmbH: New Head of General Sales! – 14.04.2021

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Mr. Bernhard Schonhoff and Mr. Jörg Brune
Mr. Bernhard Schonhoff
Mr. Jörg Brune
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