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AWE Shanghai:
Keen interest in Naber kitchen ventilation systems

Above all because of the high quality standards, the product feature "Made in Germany" generates a great deal of trust among Chinese consumers and companies, as Naber found out in discussions with trade fair visitors to the AWE Shanghai. In the heavily frequented "German Kitchen Pavilion" at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2019, one of the world's largest consumer fairs for household appliances and electronics, the company presented high-performance kitchen ventilation technology and its versatile waste collector range.

In mega-cities like Shanghai and many provincial capitals, waste separation will soon be compulsory – first for companies and public institutions. The fact that private households also feel increasingly obligated, was shown by the high degree of attention that the trade fair visitors paid to Naber’s waste collection range. SELECTAkit® consists of high-quality systems for the hygienic separation of waste and recyclables, including convenient accessories. The Cox® Base containers, for example, can be supplemented by tray elements fitted above, or by the portable utensils box Cox Work®.

Growing COMPAIR® product family

Chinese manufacturers of extractor systems were particularly keen to hear about the non-flammable, extremely stable air duct system made of metal: COMPAIR STEEL flow®. Compared with plastic air ducts, it offers more installation options as it can also be integrated into floors and ceiling structures. The interest in exhaust air solutions for downdraft systems was particularly great on all four days of the fair. The hob extractors suck the cooking vapours down and then out through the air ducts and the wall conduct.

Despite the understandable preference for exhaust systems, Naber has developed a modular circulating air filter system that reliably cleans the cooking vapours and protects the cabinet body that houses the hob and the downdraft extractor against moisture damage. Because due to structural conditions, it is sometimes not possible to implement an exhaust air system. In this case, the circulating air solution COMPAIR® GREENflow with large-area activated carbon filters ensures a pleasant indoor climate when cooking.

The growing wealth of specifications within the COMPAIR® product family, which take special requirements such as the most stringent fire safety rules or energy efficiency issues into account, also attracted the attention of representatives of the Chinese appliance industry. Naber considers the contact to global players within the manufacturing industry to be just as trendsetting as the numerous discussions with kitchen users. Thus, in Shanghai it was possible to start a dialogue which represents an important step towards a marketing strategy for the pulsating Chinese market.

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AWE Shanghai: Keen interest in Naber kitchen ventilation systems – 10.04.2019

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AWE Shanghai 2019 Naber Exhibition stand
AWE Shanghai 2019 Naber Exhibition stand

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