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ARMATE® SERVIZIO: Faucet series with a ten-year warranty

Masterfully manufactured, the new ARMATE® SERVIZIO kitchen faucets from Naber meet the highest demands. With perfectly finished surfaces, fascinating design and high-quality inner workings, they guarantee the best possible ease of use. The brochure contains the catalogue pages of the new faucets and explains details such as the Cold-Start technology of the "Portare" models. The Naber Premium Service of the new "Made in Germany" faucet series includes comprehensive customer service in Germany and Austria.

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New Naber catalogues from april 2023

The new Naber catalogue is due to be published on 01.04.2023 - look forward to a host of newcomers! Until the end of March, the 2022 catalogue is still valid as the current price list. The requested print folders 23/24 will be sent out from the middle of March.