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All paths lead to smart light

The more precise and clear the information, the easier the installation: lighting technology products with all their fascinating possibilities are explained by Naber on a new website, with new brochures and a video. At the centre is the LUMICA® LIC LED system as a technical platform for individual smart lighting in the kitchen and other living areas. Various LED lights and types of lighting can be combined and controlled.

The film shows how light can increase well-being when deployed correctly, with reference to light colours: cold white light is ascribed an activating effect, warm white light creates an atmosphere of relaxation. The light temperature "neutral white" is excellently suited as basic lighting because it is perceived as very pleasant over a longer period of time.

Planning and installation tips

In addition to the aspect of lighting mood, there is also that of practical use: instead of switching them on one after the other, different lights are activated and controlled at the same time at the touch of a button on the remote control, with your smartphone or by voice command. The kitchen accessories specialist Naber clearly explains in words and pictures which technical components make this possible on the Internet site – here the new brochures are also available for download.

The newly published 30-page product brochure provides kitchen planners and specialist dealers with detailed expert information. This contains illustrative lighting scenarios as well as planning and installation tips. Kitchen users are given the perfect introduction to the subject of lighting technology by the new eight-page brochure on the LUMICA® LIC LED system: it provides a compact and well-founded overview of what "intelligent" light is capable of and how easy it is to realise individually tailored lighting scenarios.

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All paths lead to smart light – 14.10.2021

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