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Preliminary report "area30 2019"
Air, light, water: accessory innovations for the kitchen living space

The new products which Naber will be showing at the area30 from 14 to 19 September in Löhne improve and embellish life and work in the kitchen and home. With innovations in ventilation and lighting technology, in assembly materials and in the sink and faucets segment, the kitchen accessories specialist reacts imaginatively to changes in consumer behaviour and sets the trend.

The continuing trend towards kitchen islands and extractor systems with downdraft technology integrated into the cooktop calls for innovations in ventilation technology. To support the performance of the overall system, these need to ensure short routes for the the air ducting and excellent wall conduct or filter technology.

Naber’s COMPAIR® Tower for exhaust air systems, with its wall duct below the turf, is now ready for the market. In this system, the air ducts are laid invisibly in the floor structure or below the basement ceiling – for example from kitchen islands – and open into the tower, which is placed near the house wall or freely in the garden and is well protected from the weather. A condensate drain at the lowest point of the pipe bend prevents moisture from accumulating in the system.

Naber also offers a new technology with the flap-free closures of the Bixo Balance®. The exhaust and supply air system is suitable for all buildings including highly efficient insulated houses. In the idle state, an insulated closure ensures heat recovery. During the hood operation when cooking, the system ensures effective removal of the steam with barrier-free airflows and simultaneous fresh air supply. A dangerous negative pressure is avoided without having to open a window.

Filter change indicator for COMPAIR® GREENflow

The results of a scientific study evaluating exhaust and circulating air extractor hoods in residential kitchens are summed up in a planning guide which Naber offers for download on its ventilation technology website In order to capture the vapours best with a downdraft or hob extractor plus recirculating air solution, according to the study, flow-optimised air ducts and large-area circulating air filters are required.

The COMPAIR® GREENflow circulating air system developed by Naber does exactly what the researchers recommend – as do many other Naber ventilation technology products. COMPAIR Control®, an extension of the GREENflow system, reminds kitchen users to clean or replace the filters in good time. The filter change indicator calculates the appropriate time based on the filter load during the operating times.

Integrating the LUMICA® LIC LED system into the smart home

At the Naber stand G 51, trade visitors to the area30 will find out how LED lights are integrated into smart home applications and controlled by voice command. The integration of the LUMICA® LIC LED system for the installation and control of individual lighting concepts in the smart home system is carried out via a special bridge, which uses the wireless standard ZigBee for networking. A smart speaker acts as the interface between the lighting platform and voice control. Selected LED pendant lights can also be integrated into a smart home network whether or not they are controlled by the LIC LED system – also with the aid of the now widespread ZigBee wireless standard.

A fascinating lighting trio supplements the LUMICA® range of high-quality LED lights: the "Varco 1 and 2", lamps for mounting from below in two versions bundle the light like in a funnel in order to enable pinpoint illumination of the working area. Together with the pendant light "Varco 3", they create coherent lighting aesthetics in the kitchen and dining area.

Well-conceived tools for device installation

New MONTEC® installation products such as the "Water Box" and the "Energy Box" simplify the connection of household appliances to the water and electricity supply –the deinstallation can also be easily carried out with few tools. Such dependable installation accessories are especially recommended for consumers who supplement their basics such as refrigerator, cooker and dishwasher with new kinds of devices, such as boiling water faucets, drinking water filters or induction hobs.

A mounting frame, a simple and farsighted installation solution for kitchen islands which is still in the prototype phase, will provide for extra safety. The sheet steel frame for a 600 mm wide body replaces the house wall and contains various mounting points to accommodate angle valves, mounting clamps, cable ties and screws.

Built-in sinks for more flexibility

Easy operation, flexibility and attractive design characterise the product developments in the NABER-CONTURA® sink segment. As the start to a ceramic sink series, the company is showing the model "PickUP" with two levels inside the sink. The second level serves as a drainboard and reduces the lower sink area so that when washing just a few items, only a little water is consumed. And with a matching cover, the ceramic sink can be transformed into an additional work surface – especially advantageous in small kitchens.

This advantage is also offered by the stainless-steel sink combination "Corno Turno" with its permanently integrated window fitting, which Naber will be presenting at the area30. The swivelling faucet can simply be swivelled into the sink, thus making it possible to open the window behind.

The NABER-CONTURA® Cin Nagranit® range of naturally inspired composite sinks has been extended to include the colour "Lava". All models are available with matching coloured faucets with single-lever mixing technology. Harmonious design features are also set by the Arco faucets, which are available in six colours and feature a high outlet and a vertical lever positioned on the side.

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Air, light, water: accessory innovations for the kitchen living space – 02.08.2019

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COMPAIR Control®
COMPAIR Control®
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LUMICA® Varco 2
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LUMICA® Varco 3
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