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"Innovations with added value" from the company Naber

Two brand-name products from Naber are among the winners of the German Innovation Award: the modular utensil container Cox Work® and the particularly robust kitchen ventilation system COMPAIR STEEL flow®. This year, for the first time, the German Design Council awarded exceptionally effective innovations by German companies.

At the new German Innovation Award, alongside the product design, the jury above all judges the user benefits as well as the aspects of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The focus is on the questions of whether the product improves the lives of the users and whether it shapes the future. Companies with "winning" products are certified as having just that. Their innovations offer the respective target groups genuine added value.

Cox Work® from Naber is the winner in the category "Kitchen". The benefits promised for the end customers are put in a nutshell by the sentence "The utensil you need at your fingertips". Thanks to the flexible partitioning system, many practical everyday items can be accommodated in a well-ordered fashion in the stylish and transportable box. Cox Work® is employed as a Cox® system component in kitchen cabinets with front pull-out, but also as a stand-alone solution in the office or nursery, in the workshop or in the garden.

The added value of COMPAIR STEEL flow® – winner in the category "Building & Elements" – lies in the excellent, aerodynamically guided kitchen exhaust air routing and in the various new installation options. The recyclable components of the currently most high-performant metal duct system are made of galvanised sheet steel and meet the higher requirements of international fire protection regulations for kitchen exhaust air installations. They can be laid openly or integrated into floor and ceiling structures and installation shafts.

Alongside other awards, the German Design Council, one of the world’s leading design institutions, also awards the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior. In this year's competition, Cox Work® also received the label "winner" and, in addition, was awarded the iF Design Award 2018.

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"Innovations with added value" from the company Naber - 22.06.2018

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Cox Work® stand-alone application garden
Cox Work® integrated into Cox® container system
Cox Work® Garden Set-2
COMPAIR STEEL flow® metal air duct system
COMPAIR STEEL flow® under-floor laying
COMPAIR STEEL flow® SF-RBH 150 pipe bend horizontal 90° with guide vanes
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